What astrological sign do you get along with best?

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Taurus, because I like stubborn bastards.

Terry Olson
Santa Cruz
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Water signs like Cancer. I think because Cancer is on the opposite of my sign, which is Scorpio.

Nicole Goldfield
Santa Cruz
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I get along with Libras the most, because a lot of my good friends are Libras and they’re cool.

Liz Boyd
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Cancer. I’m a pretty even-keeled person and Cancers are a little bit more fiery and passionate, and I like having that balance in my life.

Lizzy Kock
Santa Cruz
Wine/Beer Server
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Leo, because of the openness and consciousness.

Zach Brady
Santa Cruz
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1 Comment

  1. risa

    July 28, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    My goodness, what a great question, Matthew.
    This is Risa – I want to respond to several of the answers.
    Seems like I need to start astrology classes again soon.
    Cancers are water signs. They are the opposite of fiery & passionate.
    Fiery & passionate are Aries & Leos & Sag.
    The opposite of Scorpio is Taurus. Stabilizing the deep waters of Scorpio.
    Librans are the balancers.
    And Taurus – they are not stubborn – their “no” isn’t stubbornness.
    They say “NO” at first to give themselves adequate time to think & to ponder.
    They are thinking deeply before answering.
    Often, when given time, their “no” becomes a “yes.”
    Yes, Leo is awareness & consciousness & creativity & leadership.
    Astrological questions are always so interesting!
    love, Risa

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