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If you had a screenplay that takes place in Santa Cruz, what

lt mitchA story about a guy that’s searching for a job that starts after 12:30 because he needs his surfing time. He goes around searching from place to place and keeps getting thrown out.
Mitch Brownstein
Santa Cruz | Surfer

lt john
Who killed the homeless guy that sleeps in the alley in back of Kuumbwa? Was it the crazed jazz musician playing there? Or was it the reporter for Good Times?
John Scofield
New York | Musician

lt daisy
There is a guy and there’s a girl, and neither of them can find anybody that just connects with them like everyone wants to be connected with. He sees her, and she sees him, and there’s that connection, but they can’t be with each other because their friends would judge it, so they dont get together. But after time goes on they can’t hold it anymore, the guy gets the girl.
Daisy Franklin
Santa Cruz | Model

lt danni
The plot is people and higher consciousness spiritual realm. It all comes together visually. It’s a mix of poetry and visuals, but the story is relevant in the sense of the people and their protectors walking side by side, becoming more conscious in knowing who they are and what role they play.
Danni Rose
Santa Cruz | Full time Student

lt nadine
The citizens of Santa Cruz decide to turn all the tourists into Santa Cruz pod people. So when they go back to their states and countries they start to act like Santa Cruzans and just turn everywhere into Santa Cruz.
Nadine Duke
Santa Cruz | Waitress

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