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What do you think about designating emotional support animals?

Local Talk for the week of September 6, 2017

Jerri Huggins's Headshot

I’m glad that it’s accepted, and people are able to bring their animals with them where they wouldn’t be able to go otherwise.

Jerri Huggins
Dog Care
Santa Cruz
Pam Schwartz's Headshot

I think it’s wonderful, especially for older folks. Everybody needs a little company.

Pam Schwartz
Santa Cruz
Leandra Johnson's Headshot

I think they’re really important. It’s not a mainstream thing, but I think it should be.

Leandra Johnson
Business Owner
Santa Cruz
Tyler Lucas's Headshot

As long as people aren’t taking advantage of it.

Tyler Lucas
Merchant Mariner
Santa Cruz
Eliot Weber's Headshot

I feel they need to be trained and certified as to how they behave with the general public, as I almost lost a finger to an emotional support dog in a restaurant.

Eliot Weber
Software Developer/Mathematician
Santa Cruz
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