A Love/Hate Relationship

blog runningLocals learn to love running in an unconventional program

According to Maggie Ellis, “If you think you hate running, [or] if you couldn’t run a half mile to save your life,” the Hate to Love Running Program is right up your alley.

Ellis is a certified health counselor and the director of The Hate to Love running program, which is now in its third year. Ellis was inspired to start the program by her own relationship with running: through a gentle progression of exercises, running transformed from a chore she hated doing into a true passion. Her program is geared toward beginning runners, and aims to help train them in a manageable way with the goal of completing a 5K run by the program’s end.

Through one-on-one sessions and group support, as well as a personalized training plan, the nine-week program has multiple tiers that cater to a variety of individuals’ schedules and desired levels of interaction. The virtual program, for example, allows for maximum flexibility, offering three 20-minute exercises that can be completed anytime during the participant’s schedule. Santa Cruz locals can also opt to join the Silver Santa Cruz Hate to Love Running program, in which participants run together on West Cliff Drive every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Ellis also offers the option of training with health counseling, which involves a finding a more complete approach for a sustainable, long-term, healthier lifestyle.

“Many of my clients and friends understand the importance and have the desire to incorporate more exercise into their life, however tend to not have the structure in place to accomplish a sustainable routine or get the results they want,” says Ellis.

She hopes the program can give others the same gifts she has found through running.

“Running transformed into something that I love to do because it allows me to set small goals and accomplish them, meet new people, spend time outside in beautiful places, become physically stronger and build my confidence,” she says. “Running can be very meditative and therapeutic, and I always feel better about myself, my life, my stresses, after a run.”

The virtual program started on June 11 and runs through Aug. 12.

For more details on the various Hate to Love running programs, visit littleenginehealth.com.

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