As fall fashion soon approaches, expect to see a bunch of previews from Obsessive Beauty. We stumbled across this gem of a shirt that’s being release for fall 2011 by Filly, an Oregon design company that is run by a former Santa Cruzan. GT actually featured Filly several years ago in our fashion issue. This is the Capital top featured in the color “amber” and is made of linen. I love how the sleeves bunch up, providing a lovely detail, and all of the tucks around the flat collar are adorable. The entire outfit, in fact, is pretty cute. Although for fall, I’d pair it with dark skinny jeans a pair of boots by Greenbees. The shirt hasn’t been publicly priced yet, but look for it at fillydesigns.com or try oakandco.com as that website (locally run) will feature some Filly items this fall.

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