If you could open up a new business here, what would it be?

lt_brieIf I could open anything, it would be a shop that would allow many different artists to come, create and sell their things. I feel like there are so many people out there with such great talent, but there’s not a lot of places for people to practice or sell their stuff.
Brie Eberle
Santa Cruz | Artist

lt_lynnI have been talking about opening a raw foods restaurant with my partner. We are working out all the details, and we want to do it. There’s no real good raw foods around here that you can go to, and this being Santa Cruz—this would be the perfect place.
Lynn Harrison
Santa Cruz | Massage Therapist

lt_caseyI would like to have a little store that sold produce and local goods to support local businesses, artisans and farmers.
Casey McDowell
Santa Cruz | Student

lt_robbieA nightclub for the youth. I think the city could offer the kids under 18 the opportunity to congregate and meet at a nightclub with live music—and have it be a safe, alcohol-free environment.
Robbie Matusich
Santa Cruz | Realtor

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