If you made a Santa Cruz-based film, what would it be about?

Life-aboard in the harbor. The tsunami and the recovery have been a big issue for a lot of people down there. I think it would be a fun one.
Johnny Agnone
Santa Cruz Harbor | Barista


I work for Hospice of Santa Cruz, and so my story would be about our caring for people in the community.
Stephanie Friedrich
San Jose | Home Health Aid

lt_tylerI would make a film about homeless culture in Santa Cruz—how they live and survive here. Because there seems to be lots of them, and it seems to be a lifestyle here.
Tyler Johnson
Santa Cruz | Farmer


I’d probably cover the local music scene. I kind of like the punk metal scene right now, like FDSH, I saw them the other night at the Blue Lagoon. I had a really good time.
Paul Doharte
Santa Cruz | Commercial Fisherman

The Lost Boys sequel, but with zombies.
Fiona Palmer
Santa Cruz | Student

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