What direction would you like to see the Food Movement go?

lt oscarI’d like to see healthier fast food, and make it taste better. And make the healthy food less pricey, have it pretty cheap and then more people would eat healthy food.
Oscar Lunine
Santa Cruz | 6th Grade




lt susan


Healthy, whole and fresh.
Susan Skotzke
Santa Cruz | Mom


lt corrina

Sustainable, joyful, local, decentralized.
Corrina McFarlane
Santa Cruz | Wedding Officiant



lt kevin

I would like to see a whole lot more healthy choices, a lot less high fructose corn syrup in the products, more local food, and I would definitely like to see more produce in the inner cities and places where they can’t get it.
Kevin Keelan
Capitola | Poet


lt drew

I think the food movement should focus more on legislating and the legislative process in order to make certain practices, such as factory farming illegal.
Drew Strahle
Santa Cruz | Realtor

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