What do you think about Obama announcing plans to expand off-shore oil drilling?

localtalk_tonyAI think it’s drastic, I’m against it. I’d like for the priority to be alternative energy sources.
Tony Armor
Santa Cruz | General Contractor






localtalk_pedroCHe has yet to show me how he’s any different than anybody else thats been in office, and whether they can remain independent from corporations and big oil interests.
Pedro Castro
Santa Cruz | Builder





localtalk_anneRI think Obama is a conservative liberal and I think he’s showing his colors. He always has been and he’s been touted as much more liberal than he actually is.
Anne Raferty
Redwood Estates | Teacher





localtalk_bobbiSI think it’s in line with Obama’s policies to be more of a centrist, to find common ground. And also his awareness that what it will take to actually make that happen will be years down the road, if in fact it ever does happen. So at this point in time it’s got a lot of people very upset that don’t want to see off- shore drilling no matter where it is.
Bobbi Starrow
Santa Cruz | Arts Administrator

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