What do you think should be done to address hunger in Santa Cruz County?

lt roxanneI think that it would be great to turn all our ornamental parks into edible parks, and have more food education direct to the public. I think we should decriminalize feeding hungry people and make it completely OK for anyone who feels compelled and compassionate to go direct service and bring out a pot of soup. And I feel like it’s about education and access.
Roxanne Evans
Santa Cruz | Dreamer 

lt lisa
I think that our government needs to make a commitment to making more resources available. Farmers could be reaching out to our homeless and hungry here. There’s no reason why anyone should ever go hungry in Santa Cruz County because our resources are in abundance. 
Lisa Cortez 
Santa Cruz | Student


lt davidI think it’s a problem everywhere. First of all our society has changed to where the people who have money, and we’re among that group, don’t care about the the people who don’t. And until that changes I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m worried about it.
David Wolfe
Santa Cruz | Retired Teacher

lt hank

To address hunger in Santa Cruz County I think that there should be more lawns that have farms on them instead. Like “Food not Lawns” type stuff.
Hank Kulesa
Santa Cruz | Bagger

lt zach
I think we just need to pull together and do what we can. If there’s hungry people and they know where to go, then people who have the means should go to those places and give some food so that they can coordinate together.
Zach Francis 
Santa Cruz | Business Owner


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