What is the most overlooked or under-reported issue of 2012?

lt thia
Nuclear power. I lived in Japan for over 20 years and I’m really shocked at how few people remember that the Fukushima Nuclear Plant accident just happened a year and a half ago. It’s still leaking and it’s really sad how the news is being covered up, and I think it’s a really important issue. I don’t know how President Obama is responding to it these days, but I was surprised how he believed that the United States needed more nuclear power plants.
Thia Tsuruta
Aptos | Homemaker

lt raul

Kids’ hunger. Children that live below the poverty line.
Raul Grau
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt ken
The most under-reported issue of 2012 is the undermining of the Constitution by Obama.
Ken Mowrey
Santa Cruz | Musician/Builder

lt rachael

There hasn’t been enough attention given to specific programs, especially in high schools and middle schools around here, more specifically art and theatre, and sciences. Specialty programs.
Rachael Roehl
Santa Cruz | Student

lt ana 

Sugar. I have a little kid so it’s hard to keep up with their health, and I feel like the sugar is the topic that people are not talking about and it’s everywhere and our kids are getting high. It’s hard to keep them under control, they have play dates, snacks at school, and I notice it’s a huge thing that people should be aware of. The other issue is honeybees. We should support local organic in order for our bees to be working for us happily.
Ana Teeple
Santa Cruz | Mother/Artist



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