What’s Obama’s biggest fight / challenge right now?

lt_penniEconomics. That’s his biggest thing. If we could choose more than one I would say our terrorist threat as well.

Penni Toledo

Santa Cruz | Salon Manager


Obama’s biggest problem is getting back in touch with his liberal base. I think he’s cowered down to the Republicans so much that most of the liberals have lost a lot of faith in him. Luckily for him they’re still not going to vote Republican.

Chip Berwald

Santa Cruz | Unemployed


The budget and public perception that he’s doing anything. We love this guy and want him to succeed but can you show us something? Please? We realize you’re working inside doing things that are probably great but could you tell us about it?

Jill Braaten

Oakdale | Editor


His biggest challenge is within himself. He needs to change his personality somewhat so that he becomes more aggressive, assertive, and willing to say who the enemy is and call people for what they’re doing. His temperament is too benign so far.

David Swanger

Santa Cruz | Retired UCSC Professor

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