What’s the biggest issue facing South County and what more can be done?

LocalTAlk_sueWIllegal immigration. Make it easier for the people who have been here contributing to society to become citizens. And get rid of the gangsters.

Sue Whitney
Santa Cruz | Sales/Advertising

LocalTAlk_jeffTThe biggest issue facing South County right now is industry. Theres not enough jobs in that area that are keeping people employed; a lot of people are struggling below poverty level. We could stop sending our jobs overseas.

Jeff Tott
Santa Cruz | Bicycle Builder

LocalTAlk_tomSI think the biggest thing that could be of help is to help people make their mortgages more affordable. A lot of people have mortgages they can’t afford, and anything the government can do to help people out would be much appreciated right now.

Tom Stelling
Santa Cruz | Commercial Real Estate Broker

LocalTAlk_bobNThey need to clean out all the gangs that have lived there for so long. They have the wrong values and ethics and everyone just needs to chill and live together and get a grip on life.

Bob Noxious
Santa Cruz | Radio Director

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