Where or how do you think Americans could express more gratitude?

lt 1It’s very simple: You can express all your thoughts in every action. So whatever is troubling them, whatever they want to improve, whatever they’re not happy about with the government, they just do it themselves. So that’s how you solve it: just do it. Do the solution.
Amre Amer
Santa Cruz | Programmer

lt 2


Americans can express more gratitude everywhere and for everything, especially in politics. We can aknowledge that we are doing a good job at a lot of things and there’s no competition. We don’t have to get worried when other people or countries are doing a good job at things.
Sarah Zell
Santa Cruz | Massage Therapist/Yoga Teacher


lt 3I think people could show more gratitude toward the people who grow and harvest the food—the field workers and farmers.
Ryan Roseman
Santa Cruz | Free Agent Farmer



lt 4Americans can show more gratitude to their families and to people that provide services for them that they otherwise would not be able to do themselves.
Samantha Willis
Santa Cruz | Solar Power Outreach Specialist



lt 5In every aspect of life, in every moment that were living.
Ruselle Revenaugh
Santa Cruz | Massage Therapist

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