Where’s the best place to go in Santa Cruz to get spiritual?

LocalTAlk_yuriI’ll paddle board to the mile buoy to find that peace and tranquility. It’s a cathartic spot.
Yuri Springer
Santa Cruz | Biologist



LocalTAlk_tracyLThe ocean. If you’re going to get spiritual you might as well get past all the B.S. and straight to the source of spiritualness. Because everything else is just the human interpretation of spiritual. It doesn’t really get any more
spiritual than the ocean.
Tracy Lerman
Santa Cruz | Rebel Rouser




LocalTAlk_aaronBThere’s a really good overlook off West Cliff that people don’t really know about. It’s kind of hidden from the wind and hidden from the road and people just walk past it.
Aaron Bradford
Santa Cruz | Cyclist





LocalTAlk_sarahLInside yourself.
Sarah Lanham
Aptos | Bagel Maker

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