What does the future of Burning Man look like to you?

lt sashaThe future of Burning Man as it is is quite bleak, so I’d say the future goes towards thinking about pooling resources together and creating a sustainable piece of land, nurture it towards festival grounds, of and for the community, that can actually be a place that can be sustainable with resources that can grow. It’s not just throwing resources into a burning desert situation.
Sasha Rose
Corralitos | Musician

lt drJ

Bright and fiery, flaming into the night. I’m worried a little bit about the organization, of course, but I’ve worried about that every year for 12 years, and it’s always been fine.
Dr. J
Lompico | Machinist

lt trevor
I think Burning Man will one day outgrow itself in some way. The thing that it stirred in the world is probably not going go away. It’s an ever-evolving, ever-growing unique animal so there really is no predicting, but what I think will happen is that it will continue to evolve, but at some point it will end. They won’t be able to continue.
Trevor Getsla
Santa Cruz | Rolfer

lt roy

I think it looks positive. Things change but change is good. This year may have a larger amount of new people, hopefully that’s not going to change the dynamics too much. I’m still optimistic that people are going to go there with the right attitude.
Roy Paterson
Santa Cruz | Engineer


lt scottMy honest truth is I’m baffled and concerned. Unless they can raise the number of people that the BLM lets them put on the land, it’s really going to be a problem. It’s that simple. I’ve got friends who are stressed about it. I don’t have my ticket yet, my girlfriend does. I know I’ll be there!
Scott Eerkes
Santa Cruz | Jewler



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