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Calling All Cooperators

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of Sept. 14, 2016

We are in an interesting week again, between two eclipses—a full moon lunar eclipse (moon’s hidden) Friday, and continuing Mercury retrograde turning direct (late night next Wednesday.) The recent Saturn/Neptune meant many veils (hindering us from seeing, recognizing, knowing) are continuing to drop. When veils (beliefs, illusions) drop and eclipses happen, we feel naked, vulnerable. Impatient with the old, we want to move forward. However, with retro Mercury nothing moves forward. We have at present seven retrogrades (four planets, three asteroids) in the sky. And Virgo Sun—esoterically known as the “cave of the heart.”

So many things are in shadow this week. The pressure from work and world strain may be overwhelming us. As the world breaks down in order to reconstruct, the heavens are creating new patterns and rhythms for our world. Disciples are being called to take steps toward this reconstruction, eliminating nonessentials, practicing discrimination and conforming to the new emerging patterns required for world reconstruction. We are to begin preparing ourselves for increased future activity in bringing forth the new culture and civilization.

To know how to move forward we must ask, “What is the need of humanity at this time?” And recognize there are three aspects needed to birth the new world. 1. Healing. Compassionate lovers of humanity can heal. 2. Clarification. Humanity is bewildered and we must help it through clear education and communication. 3. New Forms (intelligently discarding old forms). Reorganization and rebuilding require dedication, insight, discernment and discrimination. Old patched-up forms no longer suffice. This latter means building a new shape of community, a template for the new culture and civilization. So … Calling all willing, loving and intelligent cooperators so that we may take Right Action together.

ARIES: It would be good to study the history of romance and the purpose of love. Also, the unfoldment of consciousness (our true history) on Earth—how love happens, why, and our behaviors in relationships when conscious (awake, aware and Soul directed). Identifying love within yourself, the expression of your true self with others. Something in appearance in your daily life disappears.

TAURUS: You create new environments that prepare humanity’s future. You tell us we must turn our attention to different and dynamic ways of growing food (in biodynamic soils). Humanity’s daily life is changing quickly, being reconstructed in ways unknown. You tell us to invest in land, put 15 percent of our money in silver and gold. These new ideas needed for humanity’s well-being we will follow, safeguarding them carefully and secretly.

GEMINI: Dualities are good, for they produce self-awareness. There’s a duality perhaps in some Geminis who don’t know if they are creative. They live with an “unthought known.” Your creativity is this—blending opposing forces into a synthesis. Being Mercury, the messenger. Speaking with Right Human Relations and from your heart so everyone learns from you.

CANCER: At times you hide under a shell like a tortoise or a scarab, a sacred creature signifying rebirth. There’s a turtle that comes to the door of a house and waits patiently for the door to open. He enters the house and rests awhile in the cool dark shadowy corners. He’s offered a fresh banana. After a while he retraces his steps, waiting patiently for the door to open. Refreshed (and grateful), he re-enters the world. You are the turtle.

LEO: It’s important for you to be seen and heard, understood, praised, recognized, applauded and known. Sometimes you’re called a narcissist, mirror gazer, one focused on self alone. Some of us, however, know the truth—that you must do these things, must discover, look at and talk about yourself. You’re learning how to rule, how to lead and how to love, stumbling along, falling, most of the time, just like everyone else.

VIRGO: Virgos carry a secret reality, a hidden purity they show no one. Virgo’s light is always veiled … being nurtured within. Virgos realize that everyone carries a different light (and darkness) and each person is aspiring to be a light for the world, a bearer of light of great value and tenderness. We all aspire to this. We prepare together for that light at winter solstice.

LIBRA: You’re developing a radially new sense of self. You cannot be controlled by others. Libra’s freedom is most important, yet they must have companionship. Libra asks others to walk with them in life. Relationships define Libras. Juxtaposing self to the “other,” a Libran sense of self emerges. Human contact releases love hidden in Libra. We must let them be, allow them to sort out realities and achieve independence. Then their love is exalted.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is known for depth of feeling, being alone and isolated (at times). To proceed on the evolutionary (back to spirit) path, Scorpios must develop the higher mind (education, then teaching), distributing God’s Plan to the world. Scorpios must withstand the heat of the Sun on the mountaintop, collect the light and distribute it on Earth. You’re to reveal through this light, all the mysteries you’ve encountered. In this life preparing for the next.

SAGITTARIUS: The life of a Sag reveals so many influences at work simultaneously along with offering the personality to the Soul. To fuse and balance your personality with the Soul (ending confusion), and to have a better sense of spiritual direction, recite the Soul invocation daily (ceaselessly): “I am the Soul. I am Light Divine. I am Love. I am Will. I am Fixed Design.” You realize you’re not your body, emotions, or lower mind. So, what are you?

CAPRICORN: Whenever there’s conflict, something’s being learned; harmony is being disrupted so a higher harmony can emerge. Sometimes there’s a conflict between personal aspirations and the needs of others. You reorient your needs so that the “little ones” are nurtured. This is Soul work. You’re a mentor for others to transform and stand poised in grace. At other times you take your own path up the mountain, planting trees along the way.

AQUARIUS: You’re in a time of pause, an interlude, considering your next life steps and creative endeavors. It’s not a time for excessive outer actions. It’s a time of rest, reflection and relaxation of your energies. As you see both sides of all issues, achieve a position of poise and balance. Often standing on the “razor’s edge,” you lead the way down the mountain to safety. Read this over and over.

PISCES: A love-filled state will be the consequence of Jupiter in Libra. Your abilities and devotion will see you through any necessary tasks, tests, difficulties, disharmony and/or strife. You are entering into a new level of your spiritual work. Greet the sunrise each day. It will vivify you. And the sunset, too. The angels and all of nature are with you during these holy times. Courage is offered.

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Risa is the founder of the Esoteric Astrological Institute and a writer, teacher, esoteric astrologer and counselor. She writes of the new culture and civilization, religion, art, literature, history and the New Group of World Servers. Risa envisions creating an Aquarian community village, the New Sharing Society, a garden and 'lighted house" for humanity, with schools for all ages, including an Arts & Astrology College, where everyone learns astrology as the language of understanding. She also has a masters degree in Psychology and does occasional readings.
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