What’s more important, security or privacy?

Melissa Brint's Headshot

Without security, privacy doesn’t mean very much.

Melissa Brint
Walnut Creek
Mikel Campbell's Headshot

I think that privacy is more important, because if you have a private place, you feel secure.

Mikel Campbell
Santa Cruz
Ralph Tunstell The 2nd's Headshot

You can’t have privacy without security. So I would say security is more important.

Ralph Tunstell The 2nd
Santa Cruz
Robert Duffner's Headshot

Security first, then you can implement privacy.

Robert Duffner
Santa Cruz
Product Marketer
Aaliyah Wilson's Headshot

Well, don’t you want security for your privacy? And don’t you need privacy for your security? They are both the same thing.

Aaliyah Wilson
Santa Cruz
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