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Capricorn—Lost in Light Supernal: Risa’s Stars Jan. 9-15

Esoteric astrology as news for week of Jan. 9, 2019

Capricorn, our 10th sign and 10th Labor of Hercules, continues. We (all of humanity) are Hercules. Capricorn is the sign of the goat climbing the mountain, becoming a unicorn on the mountaintop. The preceding Nine Labors (signs) were concerned with how to liberate ourselves from the thralldom of matter (materialism). But when we, disciples, (soul-directed personalities), come to Capricorn, the situation changes. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces—these three signs are not concerned with personal liberation. We are concerned with humanity’s liberation.

Once we reach Capricorn, we are free to serve. We become an initiate. On the mountaintop, standing under the rising sun, we become transfigured. Our essential divinity is revealed to ourselves, and each other. Having passed round and round the zodiac many lifetimes, learning all there is to know in each of the signs (7×7 and more), experiencing all the lessons of each sign, we finally climb the mountain of initiation (Capricorn). All of our lifetimes prepared us to see and then remember our divine origins—our divine essential selves. We become free.

We then realize that with all of our training and experience, and with our developed will, love, wisdom, compassion, and intelligence, we are prepared to help a world in suffering (like Prometheus). And like Hercules, who frees Prometheus, we begin to free humanity through our recognized and cultivated gifts (Leo). While we are in Capricorn, after the long sojourn from Aries to Capricorn, we pause and rest. Before returning to the valleys of Earth once again. “Lost are we in light supernal, yet on this light we will turn our backs.”

ARIES: What are you thinking and feeling concerning your work in the world? How is your professional work coming along, and are you considering expansion, a new job, new work, or an entirely different field of endeavor? You’re climbing the Capricorn ladder. Remember to take others with you, assisting those below to rise up, too. Remember the true warrior is a spiritual disciple. Practice ahimsa.

TAURUS: You may be invited to travel. You may (most likely) say “No, too many responsibilities at home.” However, you must expand your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Like studying esoteric texts, preparing to teach, understanding our justice system (blind still), visiting libraries, building an online college (with another), buying a car, cow or horse, donkey to ride over the plains toward a mountaintop where the light shines. You will travel.

GEMINI: Are you looking at resources held in common with another (or others) trying to create order and organization in daily living? Are you concerned about money and finances? You’re interested more and more in wisdom teachings, community, freeing the self from past inhibited thinking, and traveling somewhere for learning. You’ll wonder who will accompany you for you need a companion on the road. A loving one.

CANCER: It’s important to ask yourself, “Who are the important people in my life, and how am I interacting with them? Am I ignoring them, caring for them, resenting them, angry with them, or simply not interested anymore?” It is important to remember St. Paul’s words, “When I was a child, I thought as a child. When an adult, I put aside the things of the child.” Do not get lost. The dweller is near. Love is never lost, but must be re-activated. Has something appropriated it?

LEO: Things you have created that are now ritual and/or habitual have begun to break down into bits and pieces. You may feel disrupted, and this will continue for several months, for everyone. The new revolution is organizing, and it needs leaders, so look up and out, gather loved ones (all kingdoms) and begin to realize that your gifts, talents and abilities, many and varied, can be used to create a new order in the world. There are outer leaders and inner ones. Both are needed.

VIRGO: Where in your life do you feel shadows, veils, things hidden in the dark? Where in your life does light need to be radiated? Where is there a need for freedom, a creativity that liberates your spirit? In what way do you wish those parts of yourself, shy and quiet, could come forth? Everything will be changing in the coming year. You will be one of those changes as the lights come on.

LIBRA: It’s time to review garden catalogues, planning for summer. Soon, seeds must be planted. Do you have a greenhouse? If not, consider one, small at first. Notice your concern with home, food and nurturing things. Realize in coming times, we’ll need to grow much of our food. You could (are, were, will) be an excellent gardener, especially with edible flowers and herbs. Your foundations are shifting, past emotions falling away. A healing occurs in the garden.

SCORPIO: It’s important at times of new beginnings to consider your communication with others. Is it kind? Do you interact enough with others, and they with you? Are you easily out and about in the community? Do people understand you, or must you remain hidden? Perhaps you felt restricted the last several years? How do you feel about the present community/town/village/city you live in? Do people know you? Do they understand you?

SAGITTARIUS: It’s possible you feel like staying home forever, never to emerge. Perhaps you wonder who your friends are, for something about friendship is hidden. You feel able to chat, but after a few moments, fall into silence and quietude. You have energy, then you don’t. Do you sense you’re descending the ladder and not ascending? You’re in a boat. There’s no shore. You are not the captain. Yet you are. The stars glide by.

CAPRICORN: So many things appear veiled, and even your communication seems to have gone into hiding. Don’t fret. It will re-emerge soon enough. It’s best to stay home (or in the heart), chat with Sag (joyful) people, and read food, art and architecture magazines. Make a quilt. Think of yourself as a hermit in a forest, foraging in the wild. Tell yourself you’re preparing for the future that no one really comprehends. A friend in a group or living far away comes calling.

AQUARIUS: Are there people, friends, a person, a group you need to speak with? Are you preparing for the future in practical ways, which includes wondering where to live? Do you sense a great change, while not knowing what that change will be? There are deep desires and emotions rumbling about as your sense of self continues to shift. Stay poised as the changes continue. Be not afraid. Home is where the heart is.

PISCES: You have more internal energy, can stand on your feet longer and accomplish more tasks. There is a new strength, a dramatic change of energy. You see only the moment; what is in front and around you. The past/future no longer holds you. Progressing step by step, task to task, a new direction comes subtly forward. You wonder if you should travel. Someone needs you. You respond with care.

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