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Experiment in Freedom: Risa’s Stars July 4-10

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of July 4, 2018

On July 4, 1776, the United States of America proclaimed its independence from England by creating and signing the Declaration of Independence. There is a deep esoteric significance to the founding of the United States. Created by the Hierarchy (inner spiritual government), the United States is an experiment in freedom for humanity. Externally, the U.S. was formed in order to liberate itself from England (freedom from the old ways). Spiritually, the United States of America was created in order to “do a Great Work.” That of “Standing within the light and leading humanity within and toward that light.”

Every country, nation, state, person, kingdom is “called to do a specific spiritual work in the world.” It is their spiritual task. The spiritual task of the United States is to be a “Light unto and for the world.” The people of the United States are to personify, bring forth the light and to shine brightly for the world.

The United States was formed under the Light of the Soul of Cancer with the keynote, “I build a lighted house and dwell therein.” The U.S. is the “lighted house for humanity, the Light of the World.” In these polarized and tumultuous times (in between the ages, preparing for the Reappearance), enlightened servers (disciples) are being called to be the Light that nurtures and nourishes.

Our invocative mantra each day, together is. “Help us, O Lord, to know, understand, stand as a light and do our part in the world.” And we remember, at all times, the true Disciples are always known for their kindness.  

ARIES: You begin to have a new sense of self-identity, a new belief in yourself, new ways in relationship to others and new ways of cooperatively working in the world. Careful with communication, tend to health, create a time for regular exercise, review supplements and vitamins. Sometimes fiery signs cannot maintain a consistent health regimen. However, it’s vital to your daily tasks, upcoming demands, and essential to longevity.

TAURUS: In many ways you’re becoming more and more sensitive. You’re developing Pisces’ compassionate characteristics. Sometimes it’s difficult to perceive earth realities, difficult to walk a straight line and keep balance. Sometimes you’re clumsy and only the very present moment is real. Even with all these physical obstructions presented by Chiron, you will still “save the world.” Your protector is elephant god Ganesh, remover of obstacles.

GEMINI: The message each week seems the same—the community and groups you participate in, the duality you present, all of these carry the love and wisdom from Sirius. Soon you must begin to discriminate and discern which groups stand with the Forces of Light and who the people of Goodwill are. It is toward these groups that you will be magnetized. They call to you daily, each morning. Remember, always, that disciples are known by their kindness.

CANCER: So many things are culminating. Long held hopes and wishes bring forth new opportunities, aid and assistance. As you study and learn new information, especially about gardening and foods, you’re able to teach others ways to safeguard and sustain themselves. In return, a deep love is given and received. New realities appear, new goals, hopes, wishes and dreams, and a sense that you need subtle healing modalities.

LEO: In the next year, as horizons expand, you will enter new groups and endeavors. You may wonder about unfamiliar places, seeking different cultures, people and places that change your life. You’re prepared for a new reality, new archetypes. See the next year as a philosophical adventure. A companion? I don’t know. You still have relationship wounds hidden away. Warm waters help.

VIRGO: You’re working hard bringing forth all of your hidden values. In the next months those values may change. Be aware of this. You like to be practical and you’re ambitious. What for? Is it money, resources or being seen, known and understood? This is a complex question. Be aware of impatience and impulsiveness. Use resources with deep respect, wisdom and gratitude.

LIBRA: Unusual events occur in the next months (till November). Money and relationships increase, then come and go, creating a deep awareness of resources. Sometimes we don’t know how to use money. Sometimes we give everything away. Talk with your partner, intimate, your “I” and thou “other.” Share goals, dreams, wishes, hopes, fears, and the handling of money. Come from the heart, always. You are fierce and independent. Slow down.

SCORPIO: In all things, but especially food, diet, health, and exercise there must be consistency. This may be a challenge. Uranus is creating unevenness everywhere. Anything in excess over time creates a health situation. Attempt to observe this. Ask if your daily work serves you while also helping others. In the months to come, the work you do and your perceptions about work change. Service is to be your middle name.

SAGITTARIUS: You will have days of transformation amid days of harmony, ease and revelations. It will create a tension that creates attention to the creation of new things (artistic). You will express yourself differently. When in charge (a steward), you will enhance and improve everything and everyone. Simultaneously, you need a new sense of fun, pleasure, and perhaps even a new someone to “relate” to. A group calls.

CAPRICORN: At times being the parent or head of household will feel so vast you’ll want to run away from home. Running is good (for exercise or running a race), but always you come home again. Everyone needs you. Oh, dear, if you hear the words “needs you” one more time, you’ll expire! You’re restless for new realities at home, needing more psychological, physical and emotional support. You need a new yet ancient foundation to believe in. Where’s your mommy?

AQUARIUS: Do you need to make an important decision? Are you learning new information, seeking it out, or is it finding you? Over time the lessons learned now will slowly be comprehended. Be in contact with brothers and sisters, relatives and family. Everyone’s changing. You are, too. Share with them, ask about their lives. You need to encounter everything new. Each week I repeat: careful with money and resources. Careful.

PISCES: You’re in deep waters, on the edge of new archetypes, waiting for new realities, seeking new values, learning how to ask for, gather, receive, and use resources. You pray for Right Stewardship and Right Timing. You want to begin something big, creating a safe haven. Observe all living systems; realize “the most diversity exists at the edges. It is here that change happens naturally.” Remain in the heart yet always at the edge.


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Risa is the founder of the Esoteric Astrological Institute and a writer, teacher, esoteric astrologer and counselor. She writes of the new culture and civilization, religion, art, literature, history and the New Group of World Servers. Risa envisions creating an Aquarian community village, the New Sharing Society, a garden and 'lighted house" for humanity, with schools for all ages, including an Arts & Astrology College, where everyone learns astrology as the language of understanding. She also has a masters degree in Psychology and does occasional readings.
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