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Full Moon for New Year

Esoteric Astrology as news for week Dec. 27, 2017

We begin the new year on Monday with a full moon—the Capricorn solar festival, a most auspicious beginning bringing light to the future. The full moon is like a flower in full bloom, offering its fragrance, its loveliness, its inner and outer self to the world, hiding nothing before quickly fading away into itself.

A full moon in Capricorn at the beginning of a new year, with Venus and Saturn also in Capricorn, sends a message to humanity to those who understand the new world, the new era, the “new world order” (originally an esoteric phrase, appropriated and misused today): the structure of the new Aquarian Age is to be created by humanity’s imagination and creative visualizations.

The full moon (12 Cancer) reflects the Sun at 12 degrees Capricorn. The sun in the U.S. is 12 degrees Cancer (with Sirius, the blue white star that oversees the U.S. at 13 degrees Cancer). The U.S. has a spiritual task: to stand in the light and to lead humanity and all the nations towards that light. Light contains specific information (circadian rhythms) that humanity seeks. Light contains the information for humanity’s freedom.

And appropriately, concerning humanity’s freedom, Tuesday, Jan. 2, Uranus—planet of freedom, liberty, revolution and revelation—is stationary direct. That means, after five-plus months of retrograde motion (inner work for humanity), Uranus will be move forward (24.34 degrees Aries), calling us to intelligent and wise action towards the liberation of humanity. Because the heavens oversee humanity and the Earth’s kingdoms, everyone is called to this task. Who will respond?

ARIES: The new year takes you on many new adventures, twists and turns, providing multiple and unusual eventful experiences that at first surprise, then reveal to you your depth of intelligence and creative imagination. You will want to bring these forth into the world, become entrepreneurial, create new structures that are part of the new economy. All things profound will shake your present world.

TAURUS: You may remember previous intimate relationships over the next three weeks. It’s good to assess what was gained, what worked, what didn’t and how your belief systems (patterns learned when you were small) affected the outcomes. Something special is or will be occurring on inner levels. Perhaps it’s that you understand how love works. And you begin to love more, receiving and giving.

Gemini: Your life direction comes into focus, along with who you want to be in the new year. These are very important considerations. Sometimes we don’t know what life has in store for us. It’s a surprise, directed by the need to share and serve. Sometimes we can’t visualize the future because it’s not formed yet. What are you striving toward? With whom? What environments would reflect you?  What do you love?

CANCER: Unusual fears may appear in your emotional body. Inform them they are not welcome. Others can assist you if you share with them your difficulties. Fear can become addictive, looping over and over in the lower mind, bringing us to our knees metaphorically. If there is lamentation and grief, allow them. But fear is simply based on lack of information. What are you seeking to know?

LEO: Daily work and agendas, interactions with co-workers will be the focus. Something from the past appears and through intentions for right relations you create a state of cooperation that heals and harmonizes. Home life feels changed. A previous restrictive attitude from someone is difficult. Eventually this must be faced, lest something is lost forever. Schedules shift constantly. You adapt.

VIRGO: It’s good to know there’s a difference between what makes you happy and what makes others happy. They are not the same. It’s a service within ourselves when we ask, with interest, what makes another person happy, soothed, comforted and cared for. When we understand this, we might sacrifice our own comfort. Should we do so, joy replaces discomfort and happiness is ours.

LIBRA: The following issues will be on your mind through the next months: your mother, your nurturing capabilities, relationships with children, where and how you live, family life, and the quality of nurturing given and received. Realize conflict is a call for the next level of harmony to appear. Therefore, patiently and with kindness, work through all conflicts. What you think you want may not be available. Something greater appears.

SCORPIO: What is the status of your car? Does it need repairs or tuned-up? Do you need a new car? What things need upgrading? Are there people you must contact, tasks, bills and correspondences waiting for your attention? Whatever must be done, accomplish it slowly, with care and attention, giving yourself more time than usual. At the end of the day, reviewing the day, see that the day was good.

SAGITTARIUS: Previous financial situations unable to be considered ‘til now have your attention. With all monetary actions, check and recheck the amounts, for there could be errors. It will be important to re-evaluate spending. I think you have many valuable items, which could be sold so you can purchase needed things and have more capital to work with. You have entered the environment you have envisions to build. There’s more to come.

CAPRICORN: You ponder upon how others perceive you. Realize you have leadership abilities. In the next year, you will be of aware a new self-identity emerging. Do not allow criticism to undermine your (or anyone’s) goodness. There may be a challenge between your love of self and your critical judgmental self. Someone may activate this. You flourish in a group of like-minded people. Your heart opens to learning, sharing and giving.

AQUARIUS: Several times in our lives, we have spiritual experiences that lead us to reassess life’s purpose and our individual purpose within life itself. We refine and redefine, we ask for and seek justice, often blinded, often hidden unless we look beneath the surface of accepted reality. Ethics become important. What are your ethics? What actually are ethics? Remember at all times to radiate goodwill. It creates ethics.

PISCES: Reassessing friendships and social interactions, future goals, hopes, wishes, dreams and aspirations will be your currents of thought in the coming year. Whenever we feel tension and longing, know a new need is appearing. What are your desires and aspirations? They direct us toward our future. Draw them, paint them and write about them daily. Then a magnetic field of attraction appears around you.


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