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Mercury Retrograde – Magical Mystery Days: Risa’s Stars July 10-16

Esoteric Astrology as news for the week of July 10, 2019

We are now in the second Mercury retrograde of the year. Mercury retrograded Sunday in Leo, and will make a return visit to Cancer for several weeks. We all know Mercury retro is a time of communication difficulties, unexpected events and interruptions. However, Mercury retrograde has very positive traits: it creates innovative ways of thinking, inspired insights, offering new wisdom and understanding.

Mercury retrograde is a magical time, the trickster energy is playing with us. Mercury is retrograde till July’s end, and in it’s retrograde shadow ’til August 17. In the retrograde, begun at 5 degrees Leo (our creative selves), Mercury returns to Cancer. We contemplate family, tribe, ancestors, and our origins, seeking nourishment from them. Later, Mercury re-enters Leo and our focus shifts to our creative self-identity. In Leo, we must leave the family in order to discover our free and independent selves.

Under Leo, the Sun, bright and golden, rules—our hearts, too. Under Cancer, the Moon, Neptune and the past rule. We seek emotional security. Mind merges with devotion. Leaving the family to discover our independent selves can be very difficult.

Mercury retrograde has its own logic. We also know it is a time of bad drivers; of things upside down and inside out, internal focus and contemplation on things past, clearing our minds of unnecessary thoughts since the last Mercury retrograde (March). It is a time of review, reassessment, reworking, rethinking, redoing.  It’s a magical mystery tour of days and nights when we remember things, then quietly set them aside so new realities can then come forth. Revelations occur. Things are lost, then found again. And we all become Virgos, sign of quietude and contemplation.

ARIES: It’s a time of playfulness for Aries, of creativity, which may take many detours into unusual ways of thinking. You may be distracted often, go off predicted pathways, find alternatives that at first feel confusing, but later shine with golden light. All confusions along the way are guideposts letting you know nothing’s lost or wasted. All have a purpose, and you are led in the right directions. Play more, sing, dance and find your way on a different path entirely.

 TAURUS: House, home, family, parents, lineage and all environments that both nurture and don’t nurture come into your mind. It’s a perfect time to look around the home to discover what work and repairs are needed. Much can be done during retrogrades that has previously been put aside. Don’t let inertia rule your days and nights. Allow your imagination to fill with unusual plans and ideas. Remain at home as much as possible. It’s interesting there!

GEMINI: Geminis born with Mercury retrograde experience an expanded state of communication and understanding, going out and about in the world with ease and confidence. Geminis not born under Mercury retrograde find themselves in a state of recollection, unable to speak much (unusual for them), becoming more of a listener for the purpose of inner learning. Do not allow stress around delays. Everything in Mercury retrograde is in the right timing.

CANCER: The focus is on money, finances, resources and most of all, values. Unexpected monetary issues may arise. Something overlooked comes into view. It’s important to take this retrograde time to list what your values are in all areas of life. It’s also a good time to set money aside for a time in the future when it’s needed. You have a practical and logical intelligence, which may go awry during the retrograde. It’s telling you something important and essential.

LEO: During the retrograde, you may become more mercurial, which means changeable, distracted, restless and frustrated, while also more adaptable and versatile in conversations. Be sure to listen more. Try not to be too mischievous. Mercury retro is the trickster, and very precocious. You will be thinking of your self-identity. Are you who you think you are? Do people understand you? Are you communicating clearly, from the heart of the matter?

VIRGO: Perhaps there will be subtle power struggles occurring in or around your life. People may feel you’re too intense or too spiritual. You may want to research religions, learn to speak a silent language (perhaps in tongues, which mimics the sound of life in nature). You become an excellent listener and friend, one who keeps secrets. Don’t get too complex trying to understand others. Just know they are doing their best, always. You are, too.

LIBRA: You are endlessly interested in others, in group and social and community interactions, things trending (and about to trend) and teamwork. New ideas enter your life, contributing to your being future-oriented and fair-minded. Your keen interest in friends helps them understand their own wishes, dreams, hopes, plans and ideals. Don’t doubt your own dreams, reconnect with them. They wait for your love and reconnection.

SCORPIO: What is occurring with your work in the world? This is a good time to create clear plans of action, to consider past, present and future goals, your aspirations around them and their purpose. During the retrograde, you can feel a lack discipline. But that is not reality. Retrogrades call us not to action, but to inner reflection. You have a talent of communication that helps negotiate fragile situations. This Scorpio skill brings freshness and vitality to all conversations.

SAGITTARIUS: Is there a hunger for new ways of learning, the exchange of new ideas, new philosophies and new ways to communicate? You are skilled in seeing the big picture, of inspiring others while traveling in different communities and cultures. During the retrograde, do not lean into pessimism—the opposite of your usual optimism. Know that travel may be more difficult, plans changed, flights cancelled. Tend to any legal issues immediately. Consider returning to school.

CAPRICORN: You may be feeling an undue emotionality, a depth of desire for something needed, but not quite known yet. It is a good time to reconnect with those you love, even if they are far away. This gives you something real to do in this retrograde, especially when Mercury returns to Cancer. You are curious about motivation, the mysterious something in others that drives them. Your mind becomes penetrating and able to strategize. When you speak, you stand in authority. People listen. You study your lineage.

 AQUARIUS: Mercury is transiting your house of relationships. Be careful in all communications so that misunderstandings don’t arise. Especially with loved ones, those close to you, partners in both love and work. Remain in quiet, in stillness as much as possible. This balances the energies when everything seems confusing and in chaos. Share ideas, but don’t expect specific outcomes. Look at both sides of the coin. It creates stimulating conversations and new perspectives.

PISCES: There seems to be work, work and more work to be done, with many details in tow. Things needs to be sorted, ordered and organized in your personal environment. Attention to this will be helpful in the weeks and months to come. Health is most important at this time. Each morning begin the day with the words, “Everyday in every way I am getting healthier and healthier” (from Dr. Coue) and “Help me to do my very best today.” These set the course of the day for excellence.

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