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Pluto Direct & Yom Kippur—Our Names Written in the Book of Life

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of Sept. 27, 2017

Pluto, planet of transformation, god of the underworld who captured Persephone, the Ray 1 agent of both destruction and creation, after five months of retrograde (outer planets are retrograde 60 percent of the time in order to transform us), finally turns stationary direct, on Thursday, Sept. 28. Pluto direct means all inner changes we have experienced will now be evident, apparent, clear and visible in our daily lives. This includes individuals and groups, governments and nations. Pluto clears the decks, breaks things down, transforms them, destroys illusions, frees and detaches us from what is no longer useful (Pluto in Capricorn). Pluto, through constant little deaths, through tests and trials and being on the “battleground,” develops within us spiritual will.  

In Judaism, there are High Holy Days in which God observes humanity’s actions and comes to a verdict as to each of our holiness. The observation began last week, on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). God opened the Book of Judgment and observed our acts of goodness, kindness, forgiveness and service. God’s judgment has been “pending” since then. Prayers, forgiveness and service were required this week. Then on Yom Kippur (Saturday, Sept. 30, Forgiveness, Day of Atonement), the judgment of our lives is “sealed” by God and the Heavenly Court.

However, in God’s wisdom, the verdict is not finalized. We are given additional time to redeem ourselves (until Sukkoth—Autumn Festival—on Oct. 5-11) and hope that God will see that we were/are “good.” Good is always better than perfect.

May everyone be inscribed by God in the Creation Book of Life. Let us prepare plates of apples and honey, pomegranates and wine, sharing with family & friends wishing everyone an upcoming “sweet & prosperous year.”

ARIES: Something appears, is seen, recognized, brought to balance and creates an interlude in your relationship(s). Perhaps you identify how to have true Right Relations with those who love you. Perhaps you learn that through relationships your true self emerges because relationships are an I/Thou situation. Realizing these things balances you, provides structure, discipline and leads to true heart-to-heart intimacy.

TAURUS: There are times when others tell you their deepest needs. Sometimes you can’t hear or understand them. This week your needs, usually hidden and unknown to you, thus hardly ever tended, emerge. Changes, small and subtle, begin to manifest in how you express yourself and the stating of long term wishes, desires and wants. Since your usual word is “no” (which really means, “Wait, I need to think on this”) everyone, surprised, listens attentively.

GEMINI: Who is your family? What does family mean to you? Perhaps family means criticism and judgments or gardens of nourishment. Whatever family signifies for you, it’s time to create your own family, incorporating balance and love, discipline and rules, kindness and communication into yours. Think on this. It’s a time to recreate certain new plans and ideals. Perhaps things you never had before. The time has arrived.

CANCER: You’re both in the world and not, at home is wherever you are. Family’s close by and yet sometimes, not. They’re in your heart. You have spiritual work to accomplish. A new set of realities concerning resources. A new healing plan. Your specific skills are a deeply needed resource. Share them for they need recognition. They nurture and nourish and so many are grateful. Including the kingdoms.

LEO: A tradition, perhaps religious and intelligent, performed physically becomes important in order to summon you to a new discipline, structure and ritual that bring more order and stability to your life. Perhaps you’re remembering a parent, teacher, grandparent, someone older and wiser, who instilled ethics and justice, seeing you as an equal. Who is this person? What is this ritual? Honor it all.

VIRGO: You have resources in common with another. Resources don’t only refer to money. They include possessions and values held in common, intimacy, interaction and relationship. There’s a question about relationship and perhaps a feeling of restriction and grief? Recognize the beginnings of your relationships and their original value. Can you discover this again? What seems so far away is usually what is closest.

LIBRA: This is an important passage of time—a growing up and maturing developmental stage for you. There’s a challenge to change, frustrations and time issues, shadows and pressures and within all of this, a wisdom seeking to guide you. There will be times of absolute stillness and times of acceleration. Saturn loves you. He is your father, guide, disciplinarian, your Dweller on the Threshold. Have forgiveness always.

SCORPIO: Your deepest desires come forth and although directed at others, the reality is that the biggest desires are to know the self, to create a new image that better defines you, and the need for partnership between your emotions, intellect, body and Soul. Emotions will be passionate; people may shy away should you display depth of feeling. Assess who’s safe, who understands, who will stand with you.

SAGITTARIUS: Turn toward your religious roots. The teachings are guidelines that illumine and make sturdy your inner and outer life. This may sound old fashioned. However, a major planet is traveling through that sector of your life now, providing you with needed direction. Another choice is to remain within self-enforced contemplation, solitude and seclusion. Include music and good food, too.

CAPRICORN: A cycle ends and a new cycle begins. Everything now is connected to the harvest festival, the gathering of summer fruits, safeguarding them in a root cellar darkness. It’s time to begin fall and winter planting. Study bio-dynamics, using special plant, animal and mineral (homeopathic) preparations, following the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets, stars (of which you are one).

AQUARIUS: As an entirely different set of ideals (values, goals) appear, you begin to view your life differently. Notice rules have changed, previous values become less important, things taken for granted are no longer useful, and perhaps your faith is being tested. It’s time for new studies, adventures and travels to new cultures. The confusion felt will not last forever. Life becomes more realistic. You do, too.

PISCES: You think about life and death, the changing seasons. Take walks morning and evening. Stand in the light of sunrise and twilight. Make contact with the elements, the plant kingdom in particular, the most balanced kingdom. Gather seeds, pods, notice changing colors, view the architecture, notice what soothes and comforts. Read A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander. Begin a new journal of hope. Life finds you very soon.


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