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The Promise of Freedom: Risa’s Stars July 17-23

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of July 17, 2019

Living on Earth is living on a planet of duality. We understand night because there is day, up because there is down, right because there is left, darkness because of the light. There are times when duality is presented to us in great measure.

We are in that time now, living as we are in what is spiritually referred to as the Kali Yuga Age—years when the darkness (hiding the promise of light) is allowed to be out and about in the world. Darkness that is equal to the light, a profound duality. This duality is manifesting in our country in language, behaviors, political thinking, and perception.

Duality has purpose. When pointed out, we discern what our position and beliefs are, and more choices become available. Presently, two different political views, like two sides of a gold coin, prevail: the politics of grievance, intolerance and victimhood, and, on the other side, the politics of hope and goodwill. One is bright with promise. The other leads to violence and destruction. One sings, the other is unable. One has hope, the other despair. One allows for freedom, the other suppression. This duality underscores the battle for freedom in our country, and highlights a profound developmental stage within humanity.

Disciples know three things: 1. Before a new harmony emerges, conflict and chaos appear; 2. The promise of freedom is greater than the problems encountered on the journey towards that freedom; 3. The U.S. is an experiment in freedom. On Monday, the Sun enters Leo, sign of individual free thinking—away from tribal, mass thinking. Leo is the sign of the Soul, always choosing goodwill.

ARIES: What is your lineage, what are your cultural roots, your heritage? How are interactions and relations with family and relatives, and how are you feeling about yourself these days? Your energy may be low. You must rest, be in the sun and sleep a bit more, tend more to family and the home, and bring into your environments that which sustains, comforts and supports you. No moods will be allowed.

TAURUS: You may be in touch with past relationships and friends. This will allow you to review not only your self-worth, but also what you value about yourself. You will find that you must begin or assume again plans for community development, new neighborhoods based on community cooperative ideals. Communication between two factions may be needed. Notice any values conflicts. What is right beside you is most important.

GEMINI: A new beginning, a reorientation or a re-evaluation of your values has been called forth. Changes have occurred, opportunities are appearing. You must keep up with these, for you can be a spokesperson for many. A smaller reality must fall away in order for you to embrace a larger one. Usually you’re silent about such things. Who can you talk to now? The soul brightens up each day, calling your personality to choose.

CANCER: A new beginning is occurring for you. A new seed thought has been planted in your heart and mind. I know you sense and feel it. Forces and energies not yet fully known call you to a greater self-discovery. Perhaps it concerns where you live and your present world work. You have/will become more adaptable, which increases your self-acceptance and self-worth. Something ends quietly, and something greater begins.

LEO: Review your career path, your finances and your spiritual knowledge and beliefs. This will shift into focus what is most important for you. You will recommit to something, someplace or someone from long ago. This surprises you. You’re finally learning from (and listening to) others. Many have loved you over lifetimes. What does your heart tell you about these things?

VIRGO: You will enter into regions of the mind not often explored, and will find over time what ideas and beliefs from long ago need elimination so that new regions of the mind can develop. Hidden aspects of self will be encountered. Observe everything. The eclipses brings endings with new beginnings. Along with your retrograde journal, are you writing in your eclipse journal?

LIBRA: Is there a conflict between previous choices and present ways of being? Holding onto the past is a comfort. However, you also want to move forward. You cannot do both. Review what the past means to you and why you made certain decisions that keep you from certain situations and people. The eclipses this month bring forth startling and surprising thoughts, ideas, events, and life changes. The ideas of forgiveness and inclusion follow.

SCORPIO: Bold steps may be taken in areas of goals, culture, study, education, and career. You may even travel a bit, leading to a new direction in life. Careful in the retrograde. Something dramatic and different may occur at work—or has it already? As time passes, you’ll understand the opportunities being offered to you. If you could do anything in the future, what would that be?

SAGITTARIUS: Unexpected events will affect your dream world, your intuition and the place where inspiration comes from. You are to tend to finances once again. It’s important to know what your relationship is with money and sharing with others. This will expand and change. Also, someone may come along in the next three months, and then new ideas and revelations occur. Be charming and kind.

CAPRICORN: Allow yourself to rest more. Don’t be guarded, don’t overwork or stress yourself. If you do, someone or something may catch you off guard. Too many details these days are exhausting and distracting from what’s important. Tell everyone in your environment you need extra help. Create an agenda of tasks for others to do. Allow them to perform those tasks. Then give them stars. In the meantime, lay about and languish a bit.

AQUARIUS: At first the weeks ahead feel uncontrollable, surprising and uncertain. Then you realize life is changing at such a rapid pace that you may as well be happy, expectant and excited about it. This response expands your imagination and vision, elevates and vivifies your life force, and you feel divinely connected to all forms of life, all planes and kingdoms. This, by the way, is joy. Now you can nourish others with it.

PISCES: You will begin to see things—life’s events, choices—in a new light. This will be good. You will learn to not turn away when upset or sad, but to turn toward and make amends. You will also begin to have a calm perspective and faith in the future, knowing what comes forth will be perfect. Something will occur that changes you—a gift, a task, recognition, a new role, a family member, a question.

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