The Thought Form of Solution

RisaNewSIt’s our last week of Leo before the sun enters Virgo (next Friday/Saturday). The planets this week make complex patterns and relationships (vibrational cadences and rhythms) with the outer planets, mainly Neptune—the planet that veils, obscures, protects and finally refines us. Neptune offers us entrance into a deeply spiritual sense of comfort and solace. Neptune is the personality ruler of Pisces (saviors of the world) and soul ruler of Cancer (world mother). “The fish goddesses who leapt from earth (Virgo) to water (Pisces) unitedly give birth to the Fish God (Christ, the Soul) who introduces the waters of life  (Neptune & Aquarius) into the ocean of substance (matter, mother bringing light to the world. Thus does Neptune work.” (Esoteric Astrology).

Thursday Jupiter aligns with Neptune (gifts of healing and compassion, universal and inclusive), a most auspicious energetic combination. False idols and glamours (confusion, unreality) are torn away. Friday, Mercury enters Virgo. We are either critical and judgmental or silent, allowing a new spiritual awareness to gestate. Sunday night into Monday, Venus aspects both Neptune and Jupiter. Spirituality and the path of discipleship (path of return) become a science. Or our relationships suddenly become confusing and conflictual.

Late Monday night, Mercury aspects Neptune. The sons (suns) of mind (humanity) join with the son of God (the soul, joining the personality in Leo). Mystical insights flourish. We realize intuitively that “love underlies all ideas and events, all people and relationships.” Mercury, the messenger, seeks to communicate the presence of the Soul into the minds of men (Sanskrit for “the thinkers”). Soul direction is the “hope and destiny of all nations.” We call in the forces of light to stand behind the nations, world leaders and humanity itself. Our spiritual insights increase.  We become the thoughtform of solution for the world.

Esoteric Astrology as News for Week Aug. 13-19, 2014

ariesAries-March 21–April 20
In your sense of self as creator do you feel you could do more? Do you need recognition and praise for your accomplishments? Are you feeling overworked, overwrought, in need of rest and relaxation, needing a few playful games and a long vacation that allows you to do nothing? Something seems far away but it’s not. Step into it. Your self is radiant.

taurusTaurus April 21–May 21
You’re driven to accomplish several large tasks. Your awareness is upon freeing yourself from the past and from all that may hinder you from working for the future of humanity practically building the new culture and civilization. Foundational shifts are occurring. You may want to change residences and names. Be careful of judgments. They hinder you.

geminiGemini May 22–June 20
Notice your thoughts shift from personal to cultural, small to large, practical to philosophical. You’re being provided with a vaster perspective than most can imagine. The crisis for you is how to communicate this to others, for many can’t comprehend yet what you already know. Go slow, be patient, and help others see the world through your eyes. Don’t be disappointed.

cancerCancer June 21–July 20
Is there a crisis (or expansion) in finances, money or resources? A new value system is being created within so that you can more fully be in touch with a level of knowledge you’ve sought for the longest time. Resources are not only money in hand or in the bank. Resources are also your beliefs, possessions, friends and family. Be consciously a benefit to whatever you encounter.

leoLeo July 21–August 22
You yourself can be the crisis for others, which brings about a change of interests, environments, a tidying up or a rebuilding. These call forth a new expansive self-identity able to define yourself as an artist. You know you’re a leader. You have power. Approach everyone with kindness, too. Allow your image to be one of glory, love and cooperation. Then Sirius is involved.

virgoVirgo August 23–September 22
Should there be a problem encountered or a situation needing further insight, visualize a light shining upon it and eventually the obstacle becomes the answer. Then proceed forward into the light. Allow yourself to be quiet. This will vivify your courage and self-confidence. Make or hang new curtains, veils that allow the light in yet shields and protects.

libraLibra September 23–October 22
You become the resource to others and their needs. This opens your heart to greater sensitivity. Your moods fluctuate, as you move here and there within different social groups. Be aware that you (can) bring kindness and love to everyone, especially with your smile. Tell others you love them. Visualize this, including those you don’t think you love. This will be your Leo crisis.

scorpioScorpio October 23–November 21
The planetary energies are influencing two areas of your life—home and work. You’re pulled in two directions: an opposition. Oppositions are good. They point out dualities, which then attempt integration. You’re to bring forth into the world a new level of communication, a depth psychology. It’s hidden, as most things are in your life. Open the curtain … slowly.

saggSagittarius November 22–December 20
Traveling is steadying and comforting for you. The road and distant realities often call. You are thinking a lot, studying your life, plans and goals, hopes and dreams. On the way you encounter a bit of faith you didn’t think you possessed. Something will be left behind (whatever is hindering). Plan carefully. You may encounter several challenges. Let them surprise you. Write home often.

capricornCapricorn December 21–January 20
Funds, finances, money, resources and values, expenses personal and public are on your mind. It would be best to reorganize, conserve, and identify where your currency is spent. Be truthful with everyone when discussing money. You’ll be of two minds, considering both present and future. Save 10 percent of your money for later important needs. Do this quietly and firmly. Now. Know you are valuable first.

aquariusAquarius January 21–February 18
Hidden power issues may arise that could lead to wounding or healing, of you, another and/or a situation. Be aware that you and everyone else are sensitive at this time. Sensitivity has many faces, creating many outcomes. You could be irritated, impatient or frustrated. Notice feelings arise then dissipate. Face the sun’s light for healing. Be grateful every moment. Ask for what you need.

piscesPisces February 19–March 20
Use your focused will to be wherever you are with total and complete presence of gratitude. The book Be Here Now was written so long ago (1971) that it seems ancient. However, that message is prescient for our present times. Each moment, simply observe what’s occurring. This creates. You live always in a state of surprise. Being here (wherever you are) now is the discipline of the aspirant, disciple and Initiate. Choose one.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.

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