Scorpio Sun, New Moon Eclipse, Mercury Direct

RisaNewSThe Sun enters Scorpio’s mysteries Thursday under a new moon and partial solar eclipse (something essential has come to an end, its purpose completed). In Scorpio we harbor secrets, are devoted to something deep, dark and hidden. Sometimes it’s ourselves. We can bring great suspect to our assessment of others. Scorpio is the scorpion, the serpent and the eagle—three levels of development. As the serpent we take shelter in our beliefs. Sometimes we bite (or sting). The eagle vanquishes old beliefs through its sharp intellect, soaring high in the air, seeking to understand through perspective. Understanding releases us from the bondage of fear. The eagle is like the mother soothing feelings of mistrust, offering protection. Knowledge does this, too.

Scorpio is the sign of discipleship, the Nine Tests (points of crisis), preparing us through aspiration to study the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Scorpio helps us understand the spiritual purpose of sex. Mercury, star of Wisdom, is the spiritual ruler of Scorpio. In Scorpio we seek the ancient wisdom teachings (mysteries). We seek to be wise as serpents and learn to be as harmless as doves. A paradox.

Friday is the United Nations’ 69th birthday—there’s a global party of making bread (not bombs) for peace at:

Saturday, Mercury turns stationary direct (17 Libra). However, we remain subtly under Mercury’s retrograde shadow till Nov. 10. Move forward carefully and slowly with new thinking, plans, agendas and important signings. Read fine print several times. Sunday, Mars enters Capricorn. We pull on our sturdy boots to climb the mountain of success (whatever success we are seeking). It’s almost Halloween, when the veils between worlds thin. A perfect Scorpio festival.

Esoteric Astrology as News for Week Oct. 22 – 28, 2014

ariesAries-March 21–April 20

A shift is occurring, a threshold almost crossed, new realities, work and responsibilities appear. You emerge from your foundations and face the Sun, hidden behind Scorpio waters. Although not a Scorpio, you and the sign of discipleship share the influence of Mars and Mercury. So you are in the same family. Both have work to do that’s transformative. The key is communication. Use it for goodwill, for knowledge and to dispense intelligence. Use it to uplift.

taurusTaurus April 21–May 21
There seems to be no rest and each day provides new challenges. Sometimes your back hurts, sometimes your head. Don’t let your heart hurt even if things seem somewhat dreary—weather or finance-wise. Help arrives in the form of unusual events, especially as you continue your intentions for assisting all aspects and endeavors of humanity. We work with you in morning meditation.

geminiGemini May 22–June 20
The energies impel you to give expansive information, more praise of others and identifying your creativity. You bridge (the Antahkarana, Rainbow bridge between Spirit and matter, the building of which is Gemini’s purpose) here and there in various multi-faceted, multi-dimensional ways, opening the minds of others to see a new light, a new day, a new life ahead. Although you may not understand how, you are blessed.

cancerCancer June 21–July 20
How is the focus of money occurring in your life? Are you tending to resources for yourself and/or others? It’s most important that you focus time and energy upon your self needs so you can be strengthened in all ways for the times to come. It may be your concerns have deepened for family and children. This will continue until your focus shifts toward how and what you create. Balance appears.

leoLeo July 21–August 22
It’s not your birthday but Jupiter’s (heart of the sun) in Leo so it may as well be. Be aware that too much of everything may occur. Take turmeric (curcumin) daily if inflammation occurs. Garden in the early morning and evenings, at dawn and twilight. A new identity emerges through your creations. You may feel dramatic, exaggerated, and embellished, desire a more glamorous and stylish approach while also hiding away. We see you.

virgoVirgo August 23–September 22
Communication, all levels and aspects, are important to understand at this time. Mercury rules communication and it’s moving through your house of finances and values. Mercury’s in Libra, meaning right thinking regarding resources, finances and in relationships. Observe these daily. Seek to know your true intentions. Use communication for goodness radiating outward.

libraLibra September 23–October 22
Some Libras are pondering marriage, commitment, past relationships. Some are meeting new unusual people. Some are tending to unresolved financial situations, money and financial issues from long ago. Release unkind work and/or friend relationships. A new world begins in the coming weeks and continues to unfold the next two and a half years. Use words that “give love a chance.”

scorpioScorpio October 23–November 21
For a while you were hidden and complex. Others understand you less and that’s good because you have important solitary work to do, part of which is new self-identification. This happens yearly around Halloween. You drop into the dark waters to renew yourself and emerge only when comfort calls. Your communication for the next years becomes even more potent. For those who don’t understand, say you’re searching for Persephone.

saggSagittarius November 22–December 20
Communication is the theme this month and next. Communication at, in and about work, and in groups. Through unusual experiences your mind has greatly expanded. Don’t allow any wound to insert itself between yourself and others. Healing would take time and tending. What’s the present wound you’re experiencing? Is it somewhat nebulous with uncertainty or piercing and sharp? Tend to it spiritually.

capricornCapricorn December 21–January 20
Tend to your money carefully in the coming month(s). Purchase no non-essentials. Tend to debts immediately, paying more than minimum on credit cards. In groups (family, work, etc.) know that communication may be hidden, not understandable. Speak clearly. Ask for others to repeat themselves. You will be seen as intelligent, reliable, trustworthy and a source of important information.

aquariusAquarius January 21–February 18
You may be seeking love or closer connections with others. Making contact, true, kind and good, releases love. When making that type of contact we become magnetic. What we need—balance and right relations (which your heart longs for)—comes forth. Have the intention to love everything. Use no harsh or critical words. Have the intention to understand. Aquarius often bypasses understanding.

piscesPisces February 19–March 20
There will be daily increased work and responsibilities. You’ll summon your abilities to maintain health and strength in order to meet all expectations. You may need to catch up on medical tests and doctors’ visits. Maintain vitamins and minerals. Do you also need new shoes? Relationships have been restrictive, money’s been perplexing, and change has been ceaseless. You’re seeking your true home. 

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.

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