Festivals of Light in the Darkness


In the darkness of the season humanity creates festivals of Light, and there are many festivals this week. This is how ancient humanity withstood winter each year. We are ancient humanity. Sunday is the second Sunday of Advent, ending at midnight on Dec. 24. Advent nightly candle ritual brings light to the dark, preparing us for winter solstice’s birth of light. Advent means “something’s coming.” The feast day of St. Nicholas (the real Santa Claus) is Saturday, Dec. 6. Monday, Dec. 8 is the Immaculate Conception—a holy day in the Catholic Church commemorating Mary’s (mother of Jesus) high (pure) level of consciousness at birth. Mary, one of the Masters, “mastered” the Earth plane school. Also on Dec. 8,, 1941 (Japanese time) WWII was declared (the U.S. entered the war) after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Next Wednesday, Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day, an honoring of equality, bringing light to the darkness created by ignorance. It commemorates the day in 1948 that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We thank Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor had Sag rising, Libra Sun, Mercury and North Node. Sag is the sign of justice. Libra, the sign of equality. Eleanor represented both.

We’re in Sagittarius now, sign of food, music, the photographer, adventurer, philosopher, chef, rider on the white horse. Sag’s eyes, always on the Capricorn mountaintop, seek the arrows of intuition scattered everywhere. Sagittarius holds high and noble aspirations. Esoterically it is the aspiration of the Soul to return to the Father (Capricorn’s mountaintop), our source and origins, riding toward the Path of Return. Thus Sag, energetically, is a “beam of focused light revealing the Greater Light ahead.” Jupiter rules Sag.

The Tibetan writes, “Jupiter brings together and binds in friendliness.” Thus, in the season of giving (through Jan. 6, Feast of the Three Kings), let us be generous with our light, our money, resources, gifts, love, friendship, goodness and wisdom.

Esoteric Astrology as News for Week of Dec. 3 – 9, 2014

ariesAries-March 21–April 20
You’re being called to sing, dance and be merry, to have an adventure, a dream, multiple goals, and to assist others in their creative endeavors (after yours, of course). Philosophical and religious thoughts catch your attention along with things in the distance and from the distant future. Everything about you is intelligent. Display it humbly.

taurusTaurus April 21–May 21
You understand how to work with other people’s money, creating financially lucrative partnerships. You’re aware that the future is about frugality, thrift and great resourcefulness. There are people waiting to help you conserve. Tend to health so you can maintain the focus and strength bringing in valuable assets, capital and funds for new culture and civilization. You maintain your values.

geminiGemini May 22–June 20
Are you planning long distance travel that temporarily changes your focus and way of life? Are you attempting simultaneously to have right relations with intimates, partners and close friends? Are you modeling cooperation and skillful discrimination? Is the idea of group and community appealing? If yes to everything, you’re on track. Thumbs up.

cancerCancer June 21–July 20
More and more your health and well-being are your daily focus affecting directly all relationships, close alliances, partners, daily tasks and responsibilities. Be very aware of all environments. Where there are needs, offer assistance. Where inefficiency, or lack of understanding, offer organization and competence. You may not be recognized for your gifts and skills. But we see them.

leoLeo July 21–August 22
The new culture and civilization works directly with Leo/Aquarius energies. Leo realizes all gifts and abilities of self must be first recognized and praised before they are offered to the world. Leo’s gifts serve and uplift humanity. Before Leo can give of self, they must know themselves through their creative endeavors. What are your creative endeavors? How do you express them? As you come to know and offer your gifts to humanity, more emerge. You’re surprised!

virgoVirgo August 23–September 22
It’s important you maintain a constancy in all daily work endeavors, with money, financial resources and assets, in planning the future, what you want to achieve and even in hosting people in your home or having a dinner party. As you tend to order and orderliness, keep thoughts and emotions on a stable course. Work slowly and carefully. Recite mantras (Om). Call in harmony.

libraLibra September 23–October 22
There may be interactions with friends, family, siblings and relatives concerning food, money, education, travel and visits. It’s important to be current with family interactions as well as affairs of the heart. Contact with family will deepen a love within that’s often hidden, latent, buried, concealed and unacknowledged. The suppression of love and acceptance underlies most of the sadness and confusion in the world. Don’t add to it.

scorpioScorpio October 23–November 21
You have important and valuable ideas concerning money in the future including the use of barter. This is not a new concept, however it’s original to most of humanity today. Think about the services you offer humanity and what you can barter. Think about what you can create that would be part of a bartering system. The breakdowns occurring today provide opportunities that safeguard the new ways of the future. Your depth of mental focus can bring these forth.

saggSagittarius November 22–December 20
Be prepared for changes in your belief system, ways of seeing things, your point of view, how you see yourself, what “getting ahead” means, and your state of self confidence. Home is both a place of joy and wounding where there’s both confusion and healing. Allow these paradoxes to remain where they are. Like roommates, they disappear eventually, leaving you more detached and humanitarian.

capricornCapricorn December 21–January 20
While a part of you must be out and about in the world, another part of you needs to stay behind veils focusing on personal creative endeavors. These are what truly define you. There’s an opportunity to design and bring forth art forms creating beauty, balance and symmetry. There’s always a bit of the unusual in your work. This is what magnetizes others to you. Being alone is healing. It too balances, soothes, and inner symmetry emerges. Continue with your art.

aquariusAquarius January 21–February 18
You will interact with friends and community acquaintances more than usual. Notice talk centering on travel, distant place, ideas, desires and aspirations. Listen carefully. People speaking their dreams. Observe how you can assist them in accomplishing their dreams. Tell others your dreams too. Act in ways that arouse kindness, giving and random acts or goodwill. Tend to friends, to health and to promises.

piscesPisces February 19–March 20
Due to Chiron in Pisces, there are possibilities of wounding and inflammation. Turmeric and chlorella help ease inflammation. Most Pisceans find themselves more in the world. This can be unpleasant for the fish (who hides behind ferns) if noticed too much. Pisces needs new goals, organizing daily rhythms. Do not be caught in other’s suffering. Concentrate instead on their own hopes, dreams and wishes. All hopes, wishes and dreams come true, eventually.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.

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