Mother’s Day


On Mother’s Day—Venus is in Cancer (the protector), the sun is in Taurus (comforter). Mother’s Day (Sunday) this year with an Aquarius Moon, may be a bit unusual—Uranian, unexpected, unpredictable. My mother is no longer on the Earth to call upon, have dinner with, receive flowers or cards. I try remembering everything about her, what she attempted to teach us, her children. Often, I was unable to hear or understand her intentions. This saddens me.

It’s important to remember the fourth Commandment to “Honor thy Mother and Father.” Many of us have forgotten this, along with the other nine commandments given to Moses for humanity’s direction at the beginning of the Aries Age. Positions and responsibilities in life change as we grow older. The mother/father become the ones who must be cared for and tended to in later years.

On Mother’s Day, let us thank and honor our mothers, accepting the future when we will care for and assist them … our opportunity to nurture and love more.

For those whose mothers have died, we say Ohm Mani Padme Hum, placing them in the jewel of the lotus. And if emotionally separated from the mother, we recite St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer. It helps re-establish right relations and goodwill with the mother. St. Francis of Assisi was Libra Sun, saint of right human relations.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, let me sow joy.” To all mothers (and fathers who are mothers), Happy Mother’s Day.

Esoteric Astrology as News for Week of May 6

ariesAries-March 21–April 20
A sense of being in alignment occurs this month for everyone, but especially for Aries. As this alignment occurs, many ideas, new and revolutionary, appear. Notice them, for they will stabilize your actions and expand self-identity, both important in coming challenging times. Careful within groups. Stand tall, brave and courageous. Remember fear is a state wherein more information is needed. Stay informed.

taurusTaurus April 21–May 21

You’ve been called to serve someone or something very special. It can seem to interrupt your usual daily life schedule. Perhaps you’re in retreat, behind the scenes, allowing you to ponder, think and study undistracted. Or you’re tending to a life-changing situation, healing the past, calling forth a new future in the motherland. Whatever is occurring, it’s spiritually based and love underlies your choices.

geminiGemini May 22–June 20

Soon we will have both Mercury (May/June) and Venus (July/August) retrograde, your guardians, guides and rulers. Study both and be prepared for something new to occur. Perhaps dispel the illusions of others in how they see you. As you slowly enter into a more reflective state something shifts with your friends and at work. Your communication is heard by many these days. Your responsibilities as the messenger have increased.

cancerCancer June 21–July 20

There’s an opportunity offered to you within the group(s) you find yourself participating in. Perhaps your knowledge and wisdom will be recognized more, there may be a call to lead and wish or hope fulfilled. New people become part of your circle perhaps through a community interaction. Maintain in these interactions your ethics and ideals as you adapt and compromise and help plan the future.


leoLeo July 21–August 22

Work continues to be destabilizing and transforming for the purpose of changing your daily life. The result is that original ideas occur developing new ways of relating personally and professionally. It’s important to be especially concerned with your creative self-identity. You’re more than you think you are, more than most see and recognize. You will be seen as the authority, more and more. There must be a balance between discipline, structure, will, kindness and love. Put them all together.

virgoVirgo August 23–September 22

Things religious and spiritual, questions concerning justice and events occurring far from here fill your mind. You seek answers. You’re greatly organized, tending to plans and agendas affecting daily life as well as the future. You’re learning about power in personal and intimate relationships. This continues for years. You learn how to handle power with others. At first we stumble. Then we learn to love more.

libraLibra September 23–October 22

You remember past events, people, relationships and how you made choices in terms of future actions. Your life was sometimes around money, acquiring it, saving and spending it. This was a needed developmental stage. Everything we do is a developmental stage. Looking back we think we’ve made mistakes. Each day is new. New opportunities to change those choices, to shift them, to turn them around into something made of gold. You are called to do this. You understand.


scorpioScorpio October 23–November 21

In your daily life be willing to listen carefully to others in order to participate in their ideas, plans and agendas. They hold an important seed of information for your future. Listening creates magnetic emotional balance of attraction within your life. You will be seen as one who is wise, intelligent and caring, a new persona for you that helps you cooperate, share, and provide others with praise. These create right relations with all that you encounter.

saggSagittarius November 22–December 20

A new foundation is being built in your life to support new future endeavors. Things important now are tending to physical health in order to improve strength, emotionally and psychically, and making sure you have proper financial advice should you have financial questions. In the meantime, remember to have fun, play a lot, choose the unusual, and seek only the good in all things.

capricornCapricorn December 21–January 20

For the married and/or committed, turn to your partner (loved ones, family members) renewing love, intentions and dedications. This leads to a depth of unexpected love and with partners, romance. For those single, call forth Venus before going out and about. To attract others, radiate goodwill from your heart center (pink substance). People will wonder what’s different about you, what is that light they see? Goodness will follow you in all your days.


aquariusAquarius January 21–February 18

What’s occurring at home, with family, parents or your life’s foundation? A new base of operations will soon form and there are changes you will bring about for this to occur. Tend to money carefully. It could feel like it’s disappearing or melting away. Use kindness in all communications. Don’t disrupt. Take one step of goodwill at a time. The next 99 always taken by spirit.


piscesPisces February 19–March 20

You’re entering many different realities, often unseen ones. Neptune is both dropping and parting the veils, both revealing information and hiding it. The only place of reality is each moment offered in time and space. Continue with your adaptation of patience and fortitude. Keep your spirits up. Remain in the garden. Visualize a warm pool for swimming. See yourself building it … in the motherland.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.
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