Gemini Sun, Pentecost, Shavuot—Enlightenment and Gladness


As the sun enters Gemini on Sunday, sign of speaking, communication, thinking, inter-relations, writing and understanding languages, the feast days of Pentecost & Shavuot (Catholic and Jewish festivals) occur. During Pentecost’s 50 days after Easter, tongues of fire appear above the heads of the disciples, providing them with the ability to understand all languages and all feelings hidden in the minds and hearts of humanity. It’s recorded that Pentecost began with a loud noise, which happened in an upper room (signifying the mind).

The Christ (World Teacher) told his disciples (after his ascension) when encountering a man at a well carrying a water pot (signs for Age of Aquarius) to follow him to an upper room. There, the Holy Spirit (Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence) would overshadow them, expand their minds, give them courage and enable them to teach throughout the world, speaking all languages and thus able to minister to the true needs of a “seeking” humanity. Pentecost (50 days, pentagram, Ray 5, Venus, concrete and scientific knowledge, the Ray of Aquarius) sounds dramatic, impressive and scary: The loud noise, a thunderous rush of wind and then “tongues of fire” above the heads of each disciple (men and women). Fire has purpose. It purifies, disintegrates, purges, transforms and liberates (frees) us from the past.

This was the Holy Spirit (Ray 3, love and wisdom) being received by the disciples, so they would teach in the world and inform humanity of the Messiah (Christ), who initiated the new age (Pisces) and gave humanity the new law (adding to the 10 Commandments of the Aries Age) to Love (Ray 2) one another.

Note: Gemini is also Ray 2. Shavuot is the Jewish Festival of Gladness, the First Fruits Festival celebrating the giving of the 10 Commandments to Moses as the Aries Age was initiated. Thus, we have two developmental stages here, Jewish festival of the Old Testament. Pentecost of the New Testament. We have gladness, integrating both.

Esoteric Astrology as News for Week of May 20

ariesAries-March 21–April 20
This is an important month for you Aries. You will be called to harmonize your activities and will in the world by applying intelligent (not emotional) love, care and tenderness to all you contact. Multiple energies and rays of life (from the stars in the Big Dipper) combine. You become a harmonizer. Observe this. You are coming to a greater self-awareness as a server in the world, building the new sharing society.

taurusTaurus April 21–May 21

This month may not provide much comfort. Conflicts arise everywhere. You have strength, will and purpose guiding you through each day. It’s good to recite meditative prayers upon arising, at noon, 5 p.m. and before sleep. These bring a purposeful harmonizing rhythm to your days and nights. New information is being impressed upon your mind as dreams for future implementation.

geminiGemini May 22–June 20

Something is precipitating, moving down from realm to realm through all the planes until it externalizes in your mind and heart and into your day-to-day. It’s the will-to-good, the father principle, that, when reaching your mind, becomes goodwill, the mother principle. This, you are to consciously radiate. It clears all environments like a purifying fire.


cancerCancer June 21–July 20

Should any separative thoughts, feelings, talk (gossip) and/or actions enter your mind, make an effort to surround them with clouds of light. Use your aspiration and goodness to love more. This will create an awakening within you and sow seeds of love within others. Eventually you will dissolve all separations that wound and hurt. Joy emerges.


leoLeo July 21–August 22

You’re being called to resolve all differences within all planes of awareness of the self. The soul and personality also call to you. One for love and care for things in matter and the other to further cultivate the mind. The two become one when you think of serving humanity and preparing for a very different future. Think about what you would teach others about the path. And about forgiveness.

virgoVirgo August 23–September 22

How can you support others in their endeavors? What responsibilities do you feel concerning this task? There’s a collective purpose and identity that humanity must assume, and you’re humanity’s “mother,” gestating this new consciousness. Much of humanity is only dimly awake. How can you deepen everyone’s awareness of things to come? What do you hope the future holds?

libraLibra September 23–October 22

You’re called to be a “water-bearer,” dispersing the “waters of life” to all you contact. These waters are actually lines of light/energy consisting of love and wisdom, intelligence and willingness expressed through you. You’re the vehicle for a great love needing to be radiated out to others. Humanity is weary these days, needing more love to be uplifted. Will you help?


scorpioScorpio October 23–November 21

Many different levels are impacting your life. Intensity and deep change accelerated this last year. It’s best to consciously turn inward, paying attention to the subtlest of experiences, feelings and emotions. The depth of your attention is changing. Considerable shifts of awareness are occurring, bringing you to a state of self-inquiry. Notice others reflecting this self-inquiry for you.

saggSagittarius November 22–December 20

You may feel deep conflicts, not a new state. It’s a continuation of what you’ve known before. Let’s look at conflict for understanding. It’s creative, forcing you to attention (tension creates greater attention), allowing you to form unusual perspectives. Conflict is the first step toward harmony. You seek intimacy (different levels) for various reasons. These help you understand the effects you have on others. You need others now.

capricornCapricorn December 21–January 20

For several weeks you attempt to manage your life by examining and organizing new duties and responsibilities. Key words to understanding this are efficiency and effectiveness, very Capricorn words leading to balance and success. Don’t fret if you’re not quite doing what you think you should be doing. You are. It’s a time of learning and listening, so that when asked you lead with compassionate love and knowledge.


aquariusAquarius January 21–February 18

A happiness has appeared. It’s from the heart of the sun. You feel free to express and be yourself more. You set your own priorities, working to maintain autonomy and independence (physically, emotionally and mentally). It’s important for your freedom to play and have fun. Often you worry. Aquarius needs a free-spirited state of play and rest. Children cross your path. Children of light.


piscesPisces February 19–March 20

Events deep in the past appear like shadows across your mind. You ask many questions about your upbringing, wondering if you were to parent yourself what you would have done to better prepare yourself for life in form and matter. You examine your childhood as it relates to present life. You remember Pisces doesn’t enter matter. It hovers above it, seeking where it can heal, serve and save the world.

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