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Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Pisces, Mardi Gras

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of February 22, 2017

Mercury (Sun’s messenger) enters Pisces on Saturday, joining the Sun in Pisces. This is our last week before the Lenten season (46 days) begins, starting with Mardi Gras next Tuesday. This is a week of festivals, a secret birthday celebration, preparations, a solar eclipse and a new moon. Each sign has a specific purpose and task. Pisces is called the “Light of the World,” and its task is to save the world. The light of Pisces reveals the light of life itself, ending forever the darkness (ignorance, unkindness, criticism, judgment, etc.) of matter. All of Earth’s kingdoms absorb this “saving” Pisces light.

During Pisces, and with Mercury in Pisces, humanity is informed of its sacred tasks—to save ourselves by loving each other in order to survive, sustain, create and thrive in the new world.

Sunday is Pisces’ new moon solar eclipse. All eclipses inform us that something has been completed and is disappearing, so something more vibrant and useful can come forth. Solar eclipses tell us something deeply essential to our lives is over. The eclipse new moon occurs at 8 degrees Pisces. Where is that degree of Pisces in everyone’s astrology chart? That tells us what area of life will be affected by this new moon eclipse. The keynote for Pisces new moon is: “Go forth in matter, in order to experience (and later save) the world.”  Tuesday is Mardi Gras. We bake our Three Kings Cake.

ARIES: A quiet, peaceful, yet startling change comes into your life. You become sensitive, compassionate and sympathetic towards everyone, especially those in need. You’re drawn to things mystical, religious, spiritual and meditative, and the why isn’t apparent. You seek forgiveness while offering it. You allow no persecutions of any kingdom. Here your Aries comes forth.

TAURUS: All that you do, consider and ponder upon has to do with groups, friendships, organizations and the forming of community that restores and reforms society. You know what’s coming. You are concerned with hosting new ideas, creating collective objectives, and helping others realize hopes, wishes and dreams that sustain life on Earth. There is a mantra that is useful to say: “Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.”

GEMINI: The mantra for Taurus is important for you, too. It’s very useful for the dissolution of glamors—not only the glamors of self, but when encountering the glamors (distortions, miasmas, illusions) of others. Eliminating glamors helps us focus on accomplishing goals, achieve a successful public life, and maintain an honorable reputation. You have authoritative tasks to perform and an influential position to fulfill for the saving of humanity. You might begin preparing now.

CANCER: The light of Pisces is providing you with aspirations and high ideals to learn something new that develops deeper levels of awareness leading to wisdom. Remember to never assume a position of knowing until it is experienced, or its validity proven. You will expand your mind through travel, study, a philosophy or a serious encounter with soil and the Earth (gardening). Then teach others what you learn. Be adventurous and experiential.

LEO:  You search for your values. They have changed over the years. You explore the values of others, listening to their talk of sex, intimacy, money, death, regeneration. You discover your ability to diagnose illness in friends, extending this ability to pets. You like to be the detective, and for a while read mysteries that provide courage through conflict. Be not jealous or combative. You will lose. Life in the shadows is best for a while. Emily Dickinson understands this.

VIRGO: You find yourself through relationship interactions—whether intimate, close friends, partnerships, or who and what you identify with in the moment. You want to cooperate, seeking harmony within all situations so that a sense of life-in-balance emerges. From person to the political, from social justice to world peace, you travel the range of relationships within the world of humanity’s endeavors. Do you remember the esoteric formula for peace?

LIBRA: You become practical in all ways, tending to daily necessities for self and others. You become the social worker for the world, using your gifts and capacities to create roles for others so that they too can be of assistance and service. You make improvements wherever you go, tending to details, being scientific and concrete in your healing information. You drop all levels of criticism. You understand forgiveness.

SCORPIO: When observing you for a time, we sense a new level of dignity emanating from you. We also sense a new level of creative self-expression, which in time becomes a new art form that restores the art of living to yourself and the world. Sometimes, you focus on happiness, things that entertain, and you are playful with games, children and/or sports. You speculate on ways resources can manifest, and meditate upon this daily.

SAGITTARIUS: Family continues to be your concern—creating, tending to, or writing about one. Your history is like a tree growing within you; its roots go deep, the trunk is your life force, and the leaves how you interact with the world. Realize how important parents were. Whether they were good enough or not, all parents are “good enough” in terms of what we must learn (realizing we choose them). A radical thought. Moodiness and brooding may visit. Take shelter.

CAPRICORN: You’re interested in new ways of communicating, expressing yourself and talking with family, friends, neighbors and siblings. Most important will be things literary and artistic, either in books, attending museums, music fests or perhaps reconsidering how to once again bring forth your art. You love change now, and are very adaptable. Realize that others around may not be. Restlessness can upset an organized and artistic apple cart. Just keep going. Draw your greenhouse.

AQUARIUS: During this month, you will review and contemplate your values, gifts, abilities, talents, resources and possessions. You will realize you have vast resources; some hidden, some far away, and some to give away. You will seek ways of making money and will find a state of strength that understands and sustains conservative yet liberal values. You will seek comfort and new ways to keep safe and warm.

PISCES: There’s a sense of well-being, exaltation and a radiant willingness in all that you do. You initiate new ideas others will accept, reject and react to. Controversy is good, calling forth harmony at the core of chaos and conflict. The light of Pisces is creating within you a state of magnetism, poise, and confidence. Pisces is one of the signs of health (Virgo is the other). Tend carefully to diet and health. Think green (plants, drinks, food, clothes, shoes, etc.) and warm (golden milk).

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