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Saturn–Lord of Karma: Risa’s Stars Sept. 18-24

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of Sept. 18, 2019

On Wednesday, Saturn (dweller, teacher, disciplinarian), after four months of being retrograde, turns stationary direct. Saturn offers us lesson after lesson concerning the “rules of the road” governing the cosmos as well as Earth (a Mystery school, our classroom).

Saturn is Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence. Earth is also Ray 3. Which means that humanity, living on the Earth, is to develop intelligence and the ability to think, discern and discriminate. Saturn brings us lessons in daily life so that we integrate the rules, live by them and become responsible citizens.

Saturn retrograded April 29 in Capricorn. Saturn is at home in Capricorn. Both teach responsibility, discipline and hard work, ensuring that we understand the Rule of Law. When a planet is retrograde, we return to the past, assessing and integrating what we have learned. When a planet turns direct, we begin a new cycle, and a new order of things comes forth.

 Let us consider the past four-and-a-half months. What hard work, achievements and responsibilities did we assume? What did we create? What direction did we take? What were the strains, stresses and conflicts encountered? Most of all, what did we learn? Did we feel restrained and limited these past months? Has the past been present?

Next week, Saturn joins the South Node (our past presenting itself to us). For two weeks, and then until Jan. 12, our Dweller on the Threshold seeks the Angel of the Presence. And Karma seeks release.

 ARIES: The dweller is at the top of your astrology chart—teaching you limitations, knowing that at times everyone is limited and restricted is a freedom. Knowledge frees us. There has been an assessment and analysis of personal achievements, abilities, success, and standing in the world, creating a set of questions. What are my ambitions? What do I want to achieve in the world? Am I working hard enough? Do I have adequate discipline? How am I rewarded? Do I have Divine Discontent?

TAURUS: Deep learning and study have taken place, and now integration will occur. Perhaps you traveled to a mountain, over hill and dale to places far away. At first this didn’t make sense. In coming months, the purpose of the travel will be clear. You begin to know where you are headed, where the arrow of life is pointing, and once again life is an adventure, a stage upon which one courageously “plays their part.” There’s more to come. 

GEMINI: What are you seeking, and what are you sensitive to? These questions are posed by Saturn, helping us to know and realize our deepest needs. What isn’t working these days with relationships, finances and resources? Are frustration and power issues building? And do you feel a sense of mortality? It’s wise to write down all that is needed. And then visualize that it all comes true. This isn’t superstition. It’s creativity. Especially for a Gemini. 

CANCER: Cancers may feel quite withdrawn, unable to compromise, be flexible or adaptable. This will pass. Is there a sense of lonesomeness, solitude, as if in seclusion? Only real relationships that offer truth and friendship will weather these times. You define and then redefine the differences between casual, superficial, real, and unsatisfying relationships. And make choices. Only a few golden ones remain.

 LEO: Everyday realities—work, habits, health, tending to the self—are most important. Assessing your values, you carefully bring them into practical use in and around the home and the environments you work in. Small animals and gardens, health and well-being, exercise, organization, and your productive use of time are to be the focus. It’s vital that everything is simple, uncomplicated and manageable. Let nothing be neglected.

VIRGO: For many months perhaps, there’s been a sense that the fire within was extinguished. There has been less and less get up and go. You now seek a new sense of purpose, a stronger sense of self-identity and creativity. When we create something, our self-identity is strengthened and brought to light. You seek to express yourself in useful ways and eventually a deep and essential recognition and love of self begins to dawn. It’s subtle. Watch for it.

LIBRA: This is a time of inner re-working of what family means to you; past, present and future. You will recognize the critical stage in which you made a life decision which created certain psychological events in your life and that of the family. Now you are to rework this decision. Differentiate yourself from childhood difficulties; re-organize mind and heart so that the feeling of being unsupported shifts to a sense of understanding, seeing your childhood through the lens of kindness and compassion.

SCORPIO: It’s important to network with those around you, gathering and sharing intelligence information, which allows everyone to feel more useful and effective in the world. Perhaps it’s time to gather a group of friends, create a seminar, a study group, or even a garden. It’s good to include siblings. Let any doubts fall away as to your communication skills. Often, Scorpios don’t feel able to communicate. However, when their heart is touched, their golden expertise in all things emerges.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn calls you to assess your personal values and standards and determine what constitutes ease, pleasure and well-being. You will want to put down real roots. There’s a drive and willingness to sacrifice and to persevere. You seek to know what is of real importance, especially in terms of land and real estate. Investing in land at this time is suggested. Wanting real substance, you become, for the first time, the true architect and designer of your life. You thus accomplish much.

CAPRICORN: Have you felt sober and serious these past months? Have you experienced insecurities, rejection, criticisms, and disappointment concerning certain people’s actions and words towards you? Has this created a deep introspection? You always attempt to rise above difficulties, focusing on your own dreams and visions and guarding your emotions and expressions so as not to feel judged. Saturn says to see yourself as a jewel in the lotus. A rich inner life develops along with wisdom.

AQUARIUS: The changes you have experienced these past years will continue. Change often brings about states of insecurity, sometimes depression. Do not let change affect you in this way. Know that change helps us adapt, forcing us to seek a new state of comfort, security and well-being. Remove yourself immediately from any dangerous “ordeals.” Do not resist or fight; simply face a new direction. Eliminate all things no longer used or needed. Release seven times seven times seven. Then you are free.

PISCES: You are both a private and a public person. You are both out in the world, yet a hermit. You have visions of community and each day through consistent effort and authentic power you create foundations for the new world order. This is at times quite a challenge. You are a scout for the future, a messenger leading humanity to a new home again. You are alone amidst society, sometimes looking out, sometimes looking in. Nothing eclipses your vision, no matter how many lifetimes it takes.

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