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What advice would you give to a friend that has no job, no ambition, and still lives with mom?

Local Talk for the week of January 18, 2017

John Mockus's Headshot

Find something that you really love doing, that you would do for free. Maybe that would encourage you to find something you are passionate about, which could lead to something that actually pays you.

John Mockus
Jeph Folkins's Headshot

Get out and travel the world.

Jeph Folkins
Nick Mitchell's Headshot

Cool! And don’t forget to take out your mama’s trash.

Nick Mitchell
Tami Ball's Headshot

You mean my son? Hey, if your mom’s good with it, fine. But otherwise it might take some tough love to boot him out the door.

Tami Ball
Santa Cruz
Staff Aid
Anthony Perez's Headshot

Get a job.

Anthony Perez
San Jose
Welfare Department/Eligibility
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