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What advice would you give to your previous boss?

Local Talk for the Week of Jan. 16, 2019
Patrick Green's Headshot

Treat your long-term, loyal employees better.

Patrick Green
Santa Cruz
Matt Spencer-Cook's Headshot

Let your other departments interact with each other.

Matt Spencer-Cook
Santa Cruz
Rayna Kobley's Headshot

If you want your employees to be good for you, you have to treat them with respect and the acknowledgement that they deserve.

Rayna Kobley
Santa Cruz
Lauren Beasley's Headshot

To not forget the people who have stayed loyal to him, and to not let the new people push the loyal people out.

Lauren Beasley
Santa Cruz
Sasha Hoffman's Headshot

To not take advantage of your employees, because they’re just going to quit like I did.

Sasha Hoffman
Santa Cruz
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