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Are you worried about radiation in seafood?

lt kirkI am very worried about the radiation that’s coming from Fukushima, and I don’t know how it’s showing up—whether it’s in seafood, or just through the air. But I think we are being impacted. I’ll bet you if we checked with the local hospitals on people’s lymphs and things like that … I know I’ve experienced a little of that and I’m having some tests. I’m not eating any fish.

Kirk Hatfield
Santa Cruz | Writer

lt joeI absolutely am worried about it. I think it’s the same as many other issues, I think it’s just that the big corporate higher up people simply do not care. Do fish get radiated? I think they do. I haven’t eaten fish in a while. I’m sure some stuff is suspect. I think we need to be conscious of caring about things.

Joe Rosseau
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt andrewI don’t know where our sushi comes from, but other streams of the world hopefully have the same regulations that we do.

I just hope it gets better. I love sushi!

Andrew Hawkins
Santa Cruz | Tile Setter

lt clarkYeah, I’m worried about it. It’s beginning to show up in certain seafood now, and we have to know that we’re all connected by the ocean, and whatever happens over there happens over here, one way or another. One place, one water, we all swim in it, metaphorically. The ocean is the mother of most life, our food comes from her, she has been our provider for populations forever. We’re now finding how connected she is to our climate and ultimately our future.

Clarke Shultes
Santa Cruz | Building Designer

lt kitI am concerned. The take-out sushi from Whole Foods Market is fine with me. But I would be concerned if it was radioactive—that would be not good!

Kit O’Leary
Santa Cruz | Wine Sales

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