What is the best invention ever?

Local Talk for the week of May 31, 2017

Owen Tate's Headshot

Velcro, because it’s convenient and I wear it on my shoes.

Owen Tate
Santa Cruz
Rusty Willingham's Headshot

The bicycle, because it’s cheap fun transportation.

Rusty Willingham
Santa Cruz
Retired House Painter
Ben Rodriguez's Headshot

Probably the cotton gin.

Ben Rodriguez
Santa Cruz
Mars Nelson's Headshot

The Makey Makey. You can make anything in this world into a keyboard key and play with it.

Mars Nelson
Santa Cruz
Education Sales Rep
Heather Ritzman's Headshot

Crackers and cheese. Cheese is very healthy, if you don’t have too much, and tastes phenomenal, and it comes in all colors.

Heather Ritzman
Santa Cruz
Advertising Executive
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