What day would you like to see become a national holiday?

Paloma Frumento's Headshot

Election Day, so that more people would have the opportunity to exercise their right as citizens.

Paloma Frumento
Richard Guadian's Headshot

Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Let’s celebrate that for a while.

Richard Guadian
Santa Cruz
Julia Sinn's Headshot

Angela Davis’ birthday. What she stands for is freedom and justice and equality.

Julia Sinn
Santa Cruz
Summer Session Housing Coordinator at UCSC
Christy Doran's Headshot

St Patrick’s Day, because I’m Irish and I always wish I had the day off because I like to celebrate it all day long.

Christy Doran
Santa Cruz
Larry Castillo's Headshot

My birthday, because I feel like I’m a halfway decent character. I’m not the best, I’m not the worst.

Larry Castillo
Santa Cruz
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