Local Talk

How would you describe the current housing market in Santa Cruz?

Local Talk for the week of October 25, 2017.

Andrea R's Headshot

It’s crazy. It’s out of control.

Andrea R
Santa Cruz
Dr. Goldman's Headshot

Unfortunate. It’s too bad the University can’t provide proper housing for their students.

Dr. Goldman
Santa Cruz
Retired Doctor
John Neville's Headshot

It’s hard to imagine how anybody in the service industries and lower-wage [jobs] can afford to live here.

John Neville
Santa Cruz
IT Administrator
Pam Myers's Headshot

I’m a real estate broke; I see how hard it is for buyers and for renters.

Pam Myers
Santa Cruz
Real Estate Broker
Logan Wells's Headshot

Being raised on the Westside and barely able to scrape by to pay rent, it’s kind of a joke and ridiculous, but I do it because I love the place.

Logan Wells
Santa Cruz
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