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Do you think the shutdown of Highway 17 was an effective form of protest?

lt kevinRNo. It was a complete and total misguided attempt by people that probably have rich parents to disrupt thousands of peoples lives, and it just makes no sense. It was pointless.

Kevin Roberts, Santa Cruz, Mortgage Banker







lt vaughnNo, not this one. This one went overboard and has people very angry and upset at them. I’ve never heard such negative reactions to a protest ever before.

Vaughn Visnius, Santa Cruz, Electrician/Photographer






lt jamesIt seems like it was something that probably built more resentment than sympathy for their cause.

James Lafferty, Santa cruz, Web Developer







lt shelbyI think it was effective. It was a cool protest, I totally get what they’re trying to get out there. But the location was really stupid because it pissed off more people and made them less sympathetic.

Shelby Miller, Santa cruz, Deli Supervisor






lt kevinGNo. I think they enraged a lot of people, and inconvenienced a lot of people that don’t have anything to do with raising tuitions.  

Kevin Glynn, Santa Cruz, Sales Rep

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