Local Talk

Former residents: what are your thoughts on Santa Cruz today?

local-talk--phoebeThere are too many people that don’t care about the old-school flavor that we had before the earthquake.

Phoebe Schmalfuss Marquez, Lost Coast, Self-Employed






local-talk--davidThe rent, traffic and homeless problems are terrible.

David Marquez, Lost Coast, Special Projects Director,




local-talk--erynIt’s always going to be a classic surf town, and liberal, and a nice place to raise a family and have fun and recreate. That’s not going away.

Eryn Snodgrass, Humboldt County, Promoter






local-talk--rubyAfter moving to San Francisco and then returning to Santa Cruz, I realize how homogenized it is.

Ruby Greene, San Francisco, Educator







local-talk---b'annaSanta Cruz has become a gentrified cardboard shadow of its former cool and funky self.

B’anna Federico, Industrial Artist, Humboldt County

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