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Have you gone gluten-free?

lt-billI am not gluten-free. However, I focus on a vegan raw diet so that really limits my intake.

Bill Gibson, Santa Cruz, Sales






lt timeI’m hardcore, I don’t do any gluten, processed oils or processed sugars. I survived 10 metastasized bone cancers, and realized that it all starts with the sugar, gluten and complex carbohydrates.

Tim Blake, Santa Cruz, Emerald Cup Producer







lt-aliNo. Because I love carbs.

Ali Kearney, Santa Cruz, Fisheries Observer







lt-kealseyI’m not gluten-free because I’m not celiac. I think it’s just kind of a fad diet.

Kelsey Kraus, Santa Cruz, Grad Student







LT-irisI do my best to be gluten-free, because when I don’t my joints hurt.

Iris Kavanagh, Santa Cruz, Consultant

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