Local Talk

How are you going to make a tangible difference in your community this year?

lt kellySpread more kindness and compassion.

Kelly Anderson, Watsonville, Office Manager








lt adamI’d like to thank people more. I think everybody is just waiting for recognition. And if you say thank you, people love that.

Adam Becerra, Santa Cruz, Chef







lt kielaDonate everything I can. I’m an avid knitter, so I have a thousand hats and I’d like to give them to the homeless shelter, or make food down there.

Keila Bauerlein, Santa Cruz, Barrista







lt kimBy encouraging as many people as possible to become vegan. That will help the planet, and help the people to have better health.

Kim Richardson, Santa Cruz, Design Engineer







lt archieI don’t think you have to do anything grand. I think it starts with a really grassroots, basic approach. Getting to know your neighbor, opening the door for somebody.

Archie Copus, Santa Cruz, Contractor

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