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How do you define success?

lt-julesUSESuccess is happiness, and it comes from within.

Jules Weisser, Santa Cruz, Harmony Facilitator










lt-abbyFollowing your dreams and passion.

Abby Ramstad, San Francisco, Hairdresser








Mark McGinn, Pescadero, Greenhouse Builder







lt-daveBeing freely able to do the things you love.

Dave Dill, Felton, Retired Steward







local-talk---jasonI don’t think much about success, I think about fulfillment. I define it as leaving the world and the people I care about a little bit better off than before.

Jason Cowley, Santa Cruz, In-Home Supportive Living

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Matthew is a California native and has lived in Santa Cruz for 34 years. A sculptor, photographer, avid biker and professional disc golfer, he has played tournaments in more than ten states and is the winner of the 2002 New Zealand Championships. 

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