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How do you define value?

Local Talk for the week of January 10, 2018

Amy Wolfe's Headshot

Plain and simple: if it’s got heart.

Amy Wolfe
Santa Cruz
Business Owner
Christopher Allen's Headshot

Something important enough for you to do something about it.

Christopher Allen
Santa Cruz
Bill Larkin's Headshot

I would imagine that most people would describe it as having something. For me, it’s being.

Bill Larkin
Santa Cruz
Tyler Meine's Headshot

When you couldn’t do a better job yourself.

Tyler Meine
Santa Cruz
Mechanical Engineer
Michael Baba's Headshot

The Pericos taco at Taqueria Los Pericos. It’s like $3.60 for an amazing taco and some chips. You could eat that every day and be satisfied.

Michael Baba
Santa Cruz
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