Local Talk

If you didn’t live in Santa Cruz, where would you be living?

lt maureenI would live in Kauai because the water is warmer, and I just love it there.

Maureen Niehaus, Santa Cruz, Dental Assistant








lt daveI would live in Italy because it’s the only other place I’ve ever been where I lived on bread and pasta and I lost nine pounds in eight weeks.

Dave Leventhal, Santa Cruz, Surfer






lt heidiI would go to Iceland because it is the most wild, hedonistic, pure place on the face of the earth.

Heidi Benson, Santa Cruz, Horse Trainer







lt davidI would live in Costa Rica. I went there on vacation and surfed there. The surfing is amazing, the coffee is amazing, it is paradise!

David Hanen, Santa Cruz, Special Education Teacher







lt mayaBerlin, because they stay up all day and all night there, and taste all the flavors of music, culture, food and language.

Maya Lekach, Santa Cruz, Writer

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