Local Talk

If you had a minor superpower, what would it be?

Local Talk for the week of June 7, 2017

Amanda Maples's Headshot

That I had the most perfect princess parking spot wherever I went.

Amanda Maples
Santa Cruz
Curatorial Fellow
Anthony Carlson's Headshot

The ability to communicate to other drivers, to alert them to potential emergencies.

Anthony Carlson
Wine Sales
Colby Pike's Headshot

To get 20 million dollars and buy a really big house and all the fidget spinners I could play with.

Colby Pike
Santa Cruz
1st Grade
Bill Davidson's Headshot

Everybody within 20 feet of me would have to be nice. It would be a niceness bubble.

Bill Davidson
Cesar Giles's Headshot

Being really good at pool and stealing everybody’s money.

Cesar Giles
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