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Is fish still safe to eat?

lt justinI think it depends on the fish. If it was a blue fin tuna that just swam over from the Japanese reactors, I don’t think I would eat it. But other fish is OK.

Justin Cummings
Santa Cruz | PHD Student

lt gregDefinitely I feel safe eating seafood, and I prefer to eat sustainable seafood. I don’t feel it’s a danger. It’s a moderation thing. If you’re going to eat four cans of tuna then you’re probably in trouble.

Greg Paulson
Santa Cruz | Financial Analyst

lt johnOnly the goldfishes because they’re so delicious.

John Moore
Santa Cruz | Civil Servant

lt giovannaI’d be a little worried about eating fish, but not because most people are talking about Fukishima. But I’d say we have a lot more pollution problems these days than what’s happening across the ocean. Pollution that’s happening here in our own bay is what I’m a little more worried about.

Giovanna Piumarta
Santa Cruz | Teacher

lt toddNot from what I’m overhearing from my fellow fishermen here and from what you hear on the news. I still eat it constantly, but it’s probably not good for me.

Todd Jacobson
Santa Cruz | Bartender

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