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What does patriotism mean in 2017?

Local Talk for the week of October 18, 2017.

Alineh Garbellini-Ghazarian's Headshot

Apparently nowadays it’s patriotic to build walls and fire people who are investigating you whenever you do something wrong.

Alineh Garbellini-Ghazarian
Santa Cruz
Eric Heckert's Headshot

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

Eric Heckert
Santa Cruz
Business Owner
Mellow Honek's Headshot

What it appears to be is unquestioning loyalty in support of troops and the flag, I guess.

Mellow Honek
Betel Yimer's Headshot

A personal way of expressing one’s love and appreciation for your country. But with no particular structure.

Betel Yimer
Santa Cruz
Morten Neilsen's Headshot

I’m sorry to find that in present times it’s come to mean the same as nationalism. It shouldn’t be a problem to love your country, but it’s connected to some very sinister values.

Morten Neilsen
Santa Cruz
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