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What should Santa Cruz’s next big endeavor be?

Local Talk for the week of November 9, 2016

Gayle Bradshaw's Headshot

I think they gotta do something about the homeless, provide showers for them so they can get jobs. And there should be more parking.

Gayle Bradshaw
Santa Cruz
Kevin Robinson's Headshot

It would be good if they would evaluate the live music venues and have more of them.

Kevin Robinson
Santa Cruz
Rene Belling's Headshot

Being an employee here, I would like to see improvements in jobs—getting away from temporary employees and going back to full-time employees.

Rene Belling
Library Assistant
Robert Mendoza's Headshot

Santa Cruz should invest in something more tech-related. If they could get the “fiber” here, that would be great.

Robert Mendoza
Data Technology Administrator
Matthew Sheltz's Headshot

Bring the “Yellow Bike” program—free bicycles for people who need them.

Matthew Sheltz
Santa Cruz
Techno Wizard
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