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Should law enforcement wear cameras?

lt savannahI think it would be a great thing—to keep them reliable and honest.
Savannah Willis, Santa Cruz, Barrista







lt dawnI feel like no … it should be human-to-human contact. It just feels like cameras are invasive.
Dawn Duffy, Santa Cruz, Massage Therapist







lt mikeYes, for the safety of the officers if nothing else. If they’re doing their job correctly, then they have nothing to hide.
Mike Adamson, Santa Cruz, Retired







lt gretaIn a time where there is a lot of lack of trust in the police, it would be hard evidence that they did their job correctly, and I don’t think there is any negative side to it.
Greta Langenberg, Santa Cruz, Sales Associate







lt amyThey should—for backup reinforcement, so we get the true picture of what truly transpires, and nothing is falsified. It’s just like me wearing my GoPro.
Amy Bordwine, Santa Cruz, Home Inspector

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