Is taller, high-density development a good thing for Santa Cruz?

Local Talk for the week of March 29, 2017

Art Shields's Headshot

It’s going to make our traffic situation worse than it already is.

Art Shields
Graphic Designer
Terry Boyd's Headshot

It’s necessary to house more people. Portland is a good example of expanding to give people places to live and affordable housing.

Terry Boyd
General Contractor
Santa Cruz
Cayenne Heron's Headshot

It would attract more yuppies and take away what Santa Cruz is all about.

Cayenne Heron
Santa Cruz
Kristine Beck's Headshot

It might lower the price ranges for housing in Santa Cruz.

Kristine Beck
Santa Cruz
Medical Assistant
Michael Hand's Headshot

They should do what they do in Kauai: make the buildings only as high as the palm trees.

Michael Hand
Santa Cruz
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